TAP Insulation – The What, Why, and How of our Newest Endeavor

Did you know that according to the Department of Energy, 9 out of every 10 homes are under-insulated? Not only could this mean sky-high energy bills for your family as temperatures continue to plummet, but it could also mean that your attic is home to unwanted pests like ants, termites, silverfish, or cockroaches! What’s a homeowner to do?

Dominion Pest Control has some exciting news – we’re officially certified to install TAP insulation! What is TAP insulation, you ask? TAP stands for Thermal Acoustic Pest Control insulation, and it’s changing the home insulation game.

Benefits of TAP Insulation

Tap Insulation package

TAP is a revolutionary insulation designed to provide your home with three crucial commodities: thermal control, sound dampening, and pest control. Created to be environmentally responsible, TAP is a borate-based pest control mixed with cellulose insulation made from recycled paper. It not only outlasts traditional insulations, but it also controls a wide variety of pests such as ants, booklice, cockroaches, centipedes, crickets, earwigs, sowbugs, termites, and so many more.

TAP insulation, due to its higher boric acid levels, can only be installed by pest control-certified technicians. Many national companies provide this service, but very few local companies are able to compete due to higher up-front costs and required certifications.

TAP Installation Service

The team at Dominion Pest Control recognizes the importance of providing TAP insulation to improve multiple aspects of homeownership. We are extremely fortunate to have our very own TAP-certified technician, Jason Rothamel, who will be performing installations throughout the Lancaster and York County areas. This makes us one of just a few local pest control services able to provide this top-of-the-line service.

exterminator spraying in attic

To recap, Dominion Pest Control now offers TAP pest control insulation. TAP is an EPA-registered pesticide and insulation in one that controls pests and enhances your home’s energy efficiency. This innovative pest control service is now available to you. Ready to learn more? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary attic inspection and speak with one of our amazing representatives.