large roachRoaches are like rats of the insect world. They are always hiding, and always ready to emerge when they think it’s safe. Some insects that we treat are beneficial outdoors, so we simply create a barrier to keep them out of your home; this is not the case with roaches. Roaches are simply not a beneficial insect; in fact, they are actually harmful to us. Roach fecal particles in the air of our homes is the number one cause of asthma in children. Yuck!

A basic can of spray is not going to do the trick, unfortunately. All a basic repellent will do is push the roaches further into hiding, usually in tiny spaces in the walls or behind kitchen counters, and stay dormant until they believe it’s safe – they can stay hidden there for months on end – which only adds to the problem later.

The only tried-and-true way to stop roach reproduction is through the use of an insect growth regulator (IGR). Female roaches only have to be impregnated one time in order to release entire egg sacs full of baby roaches. With just one female roach, you could have an entire battalion of babies in no time at all.

IGRs stop roach populations from multiplying by tricking baby roaches into thinking they are already adults, so the growth process stops. This way, the baby roaches never reach adulthood, which is the only phase of life in which roaches can reproduce. While  it is impossible to entirely eliminate roaches as household pests, the use of an IGR takes out the roach’s ability to repopulate. Trust Dominion to do everything in our power to solve your roach problem once and for all!

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