Are you struggling to gain control of ants? Surprisingly, half of this battle is differentiating between flying ants and termites. If you’re wondering how to get rid of ants, the ant control experts at Dominion Pest Control can help solve your problem and eliminate the nuisance.

Although certain ants in Lancaster, PA can cause damage to your home, not all will. There are Odorous House Ants, which are now the most common ant seen in Lancaster. They get their name “Odorous” from a coconut smell they omit when crushed. Not everyone describes the smell this way, nevertheless the title stuck. One thing to say about OHA is that they are very difficult ants for the average homeowner to get rid of. The reason for this is due to an instinct the ants have called “Fracturing,” or “Budding,” as ant control companies call them. When a certain number of ants do not return to the colony due to over-the-counter sprays, the colony will panic and split. Now you have two colonies coming at you. New customers who call Dominion Pest Control for flying ants in Lancaster or OHA often describe this situation. “The more we spray, the worse they get!” is commonly heard when we arrive on the scene. It is best to allow us to use non-repellents that act like a virus to the ant colony, not just killing the ants that are showing up, but killing the entire ant colony.

Other ants in Lancaster include Carpenter Ants. Now these guys are destructive. Carpenter Ants are true to their name, they actually bore the wood in your home or business. If left unchecked, these ants will do almost as much damage as termites if given enough time. We’ve even seen structures collapse, like a second story of a home in Manor Township that caved, a result of carpenter ants roaming free for ten years without the help of an ant control specialist like Dominion.

The Pavement Ant was the predominant ant in Lancaster until the late 90′s, when the Odorous House Ant took over. Pavement Ants are the ones we grew up with here in Lancaster County. They are the ones we saw pushing up dirt in the yard, the sides of our driveways, and the ones crawling on the kitchen counter. You may remember grandma putting out a red, metal can-looking bait station for them. And they worked. However, these baits do not work for the other ants previously mentioned.

If you want to get rid of your ant problem, give Dominion Pest Control LLC a call. Dominion is a local ant control and full service pest control company that has an average of 15 years experience per technician. You won’t find this anywhere else. Feel free to give us a call on our local pest control number: 717-393-7879

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