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How Long Can Bed Bugs Live In An Empty House?

When bed bugs infest your one and only home where you live, there is clearly an urgent need to get them removed right away. But what if they infest a property you own that you’re not living in? Tempted to let the bed bugs die off on their own, you might be wondering, “how long can bed bugs live in an empty house?”

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How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs & Keep Them Away?

Most people want to eradicate bed bugs from their house the moment they find out there’s an infestation. In addition to the inconvenience of dealing with the repercussions of bed bugs, it is also difficult to resume a normal social life until these pests are eliminated since they spread so easily. So if you’re currently dealing with a bed bug infestation and you’re eager to get over it, you may be wondering, “How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs?” In short, the answer is:

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Can You Control Stink Bugs?

Q. Can you provide stink bug control?

A. The answer is yes! Stink bugs can be controlled by using perimeter spraying. The key to stink bug control is prevention.

The stink bugs were accidentally introduced to Allentown, PA.  From there, they spread to many states, including NJ, MD, VA, and even as far as FL.  People want to know if they are going to go away.  That answer is no!  And stink bug control is something that everyone is giong to need eventually if you live near crops of any kind.  Think this is extreme?  Since they arrived in 1998, they have spread like wildfire.  In 2010, they ate 30% of the crops in PA according the PA Dept. of Ag.  They are just getting started.

So let’s talk about stink bug control.  If the stinkers are already in your home, you will need to have professional pest control products used.  If you live in Lancaster or York PA, you may call Dominion Pest Control directly to have them service your home.

To see an actual treatment of stink bug control, watch the video below.

How Do I Kill Roaches?

Q. How do I kill Roaches?

A. If you live in Lancaster or York PA, you will usually see one of about four species of roaches.  We normally deal with American cockroaches, German Roaches, Brown Banded Roaches, and Oriental Roaches.  Sometimes, we will even see a Wood Roach (Pennsylvania Wood Roach).  To control them, it is important to use IGR’s.  This stands for Insect Growth Regulator.  By prohibitting roaches from multiplying, we use IGR’s, and stop the next generation.  It is very difficult to stop them without using growth regulators.  If you live in York or Lancaster PA, and need roach control, give us a call.

How do I kill Cicada Killers?

Q. How do I kill Cicada Killers?

A. You can try to tackle these guys yourself, but be careful.  We use a dust or powder if you prefer, that goes down into their burrows and catches them going in and out.  They will set up shop in your lawn, and seem to prefer the sides of a hill the most.  In the late summer in York and Lancaster PA, they will emerge and hunt Cicadas, or locusts as we commonly call them here.

Why Do I Have Stink Bugs?

Q. Why do I have stink bugs?

A.  If you are seeing Stink Bugs, it is probably because there is a fruit tree or tomatoe plants nearby.  That is what they live on.  But more specifically, they are landing on your house so that they can sunbathe.  They need the warmth in the worst way, and will do anything they can to get it.  We have now been seeing Stink Bugs congregating around the back of big screen televisions just to get warm!  If you feel that you need a treatment for Stink Bugs and you live in York or Lancaster PA, give us a call.

If you live in Lancaster or York PA and would like Dominion to treat your Stink Bug infestation, call us now: 717-393-7879.

How Do You Control Mice?

Q. How do you control mice? We see them running all over the place and my wife is extremely afraid of them…

A. We prefer to use baits for maintenance once control is taken. Usually some bait in the basement and attic is sufficient to control mice on a regular basis. One thing I should mention: some of the popular “pellet baits” on the market can allow mice to transport and store the bait (and not necessarily eat it). This is also a safety hazard to children or pets. We prefer to use products that do not allow people or pets access to the bait itself. To get control, we like to investigate each situation and determine the best way to go about it. Bait is not always the answer if they have already found a food source that they like. mice will stick to what they trust, even if it means staying with your bird seed in the garage, the nuggets of dog food that fall under the refrigerator, or some other product that you have stored that one would not normally consider being mice food such as cake mix or candy. One thing I should mention: some of the poplar “pellet baits” on the market can allow mice to transport and store the bait (and not necessarily eat it). This is also a safety hazard to children or pets. We prefer to use products that do not allow people or pets access to the bait itself.

How Do I Know if I Have Termites?

Q. My neighbor just had a termite treatment. How do I know if I have termites?

A. This is a great question. Most people don’t know if they have termites until they have a “swarm” on the inside. Every year, a healthy colony of Subterranean Termites release thousands of reproductive swarmers that try to emerge and start a new colony. These can sometimes be confused with Ant swarmers. It takes a trained eye to know the difference, so you might want to let us look at it for you if have a swarm. The other way you know if you have termites is mud tunnels stemming out of wood. Usually termites will manifest on the basement sill first, but sometimes they can be found in the garage door frame or any place you have wood-ground contact such as basement stairs that have poured concrete around the base. Termites may be in a piece of wood and not build mud tunnels or “shelter tubes”. Probing with a scratch awl is one way to determine termite activity; the awl will easily go into the wood if termites have been there for awhile. If you need a termite treatment, you may not want to wait too long before calling us—termites do quite a bit damage quickly. This is your home we are talking about, one of your greatest investments literally being eaten!  If you have termites in Lancaster, PA or nearby areas call us today at 717-393-7879.

Eliminate Centipedes

Q. Is there anything you can do to stop thousand-leggers? We get control for a while when we spray, but they keep coming back.

A. Yes, “Thousand-leggers” or centipedes if you prefer, can be stopped even in severe cases. We use products that have long-lasting control while providing virtually no odor. Safe for pets and children too. One thing that people do not know about centipedes is that they are venomous. They can inflict a bite similar to a spider. After control is taken on the inside, we can maintain control with applications to the outside. This is great for active families who don’t have time to always let the “bug guy” in.