Shoo, Flea, Don’t Bother Me (Or My Pets!)

Even though it’s getting cold and many pests are taking shelter for the winter, one little critter is still going strong – fleas! Fleas love hitching a ride into the warmth of your home via your furry family members’ thick coats, making them difficult to find and even harder to eliminate.

Where Fleas Are They Hidingflea on dog

Fleas are extremely common parasitic insects that lurk in soft, warm areas such as carpet or your pet’s fur. You may notice small specks on your pet’s skin, which can indicate flea feces, or small particles on your pet’s bedding that resemble salt and pepper. The little pests themselves can even be seen hopping around on your pet, in their bedding, or even in the carpeting of your home.

Learn The Warning Signs of A Flea Problem

Look for abnormal scratching, licking, or biting in your pet, as well as unusual red patches of skin, hair loss, or pale gums as signs of anemia from blood loss. Similarly, flea bites on humans can be mistaken for regular bug bites – look for small red dots in groups of two or three accompanied by a light halo.

Are Fleas Dangerous

Not only can a serious flea infestation cause anemia (low iron) in your pet, but fleas can also carry and transmit several potentially deadly diseases to your pet or even to you. It is important to identify and treat for fleas early on in the infestation to avoid any adverse effects from the little pests.

Remedy for Flea Infestations

Ridding your home and pets of fleas can be tricky. These little pests like to hide away in dark corners, so it can be tough to reach all the spots they tend to be. The first step you can take is to sweep your tile and wood floors, and thoroughly vacuum carpets, rugs, and any furniture you can. Be sure to get into the corners of each room and underneath furniture, as these tend to be areas the fleas congregate.

If your infestation has gone from bad to worse, or you’re not sure how to remedy the situation, your next step should be to contact the trusty folks at Dominion Pest Control. Not only can we eliminate an indoor flea infestation, but we can also create a barrier in your yard to prevent your pet from tracking the pests indoors.

For more information or to schedule your flea treatment, first read our Flea Treatment Preparation Sheet, then give us a call at 717-393-7879 or send us an email. We’re the friendly pest experts, and we want to help your home stay critter-free this winter!