Three Blind Mice? Get Them Out of Your Home!

The days and nights are rapidly growing shorter and colder, which means that pests of all shapes and sizes are seeking shelter in the warm, cozy crevices of your home. You want to be inside when it’s cold – why wouldn’t the mice?

Signed You have Mice

mouse damage in attic

It’s fairly simple to tell if you have a mouse problem in your home. Droppings around the house (particularly along baseboards and in corners), chewed plastic or furniture legs, and a generally musky odor are telltale signs of mice lurking nearby. You could even hear some tiny paws skittering in the walls late at night.

A common misconception is that one or two mice is not an urgent problem. However, female mice could give birth to upwards of 10 litters a year, each containing up to 6 mice. This means that your “little” problem could potentially grow very rapidly if left untreated.

What Can Do About Mice In your Home?

mouse sitting and eating

So, you’ve found the little critters in your home – now what do you do? There are several avenues to explore when treating for mice, the first of which being eliminating entry points to prevent further infestation. Once mice are in, getting them out is much more difficult. Catching an infestation early and sealing off the entry point will give you a better chance of eliminating the population before it has a chance to reproduce.

Baited mouse traps are a good way to take out a mouse problem, but remember that most infestations are underestimated. Use more traps than you think you need – a dozen traps might be good for couple of mice, but chances are good there are more mice than you bargained for hiding in your walls.

Remember, good sanitation won’t eliminate mice, but poor sanitation attracts them. Be sure to tidy up around the house to avoid attracting even more of the pesky little critters.

Call in the Mouse Removal Pros

We’re not just talking about a pest control company – many cats love to hunt mice! You could eliminate a large chunk of your mouse infestation without lifting a finger; although, some cats simply can’t be bothered with mice. If you know that your pet likes to play with feathered toys or chase bugs on the windows, you may be in luck with a natural-born mouse hunter.

If your furry hunter is less-than-efficient with mouse control, it might be time to call in the human professionals at Dominion Pest Control. Contact us at 717-393-7879 or send us an email to get started. Mice can be destructive little critters – eliminate the pests and enjoy a clean, safe home today!