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Drain Bioremediation, Grease Trap Cleaning Help Keep Pests Out of Lancaster and York Restaurants

The commercial grease traps and grease inceptors used by restaurants are necessary for keeping grease and other waste solids from entering wastewater disposal systems. But the trapped organic waste is an attractive food source for small flies and other pests.

Professional pest suppression services through drain bioremediation combined with professional grease trap cleaning are a food service manager’s best friend. The disinfecting team at Dominion Pest Control is equipped and ready to help Pennsylvania restaurants clean organic debris buildup in food service areas as well as bar and tap system areas.

Can Restaurants Clean Food Debris and Waste Without Hazardous Cleaning Products?

We use a biodegradable, bacterial solution that’s perfect for removing food scum, grease, and organic buildup wherever food pockets occur. For bio-remediation, we basically foam the drains with an enzyme that “eats” the grime, buildup, and gunk . By eliminating the decaying organic material, we take away the threat of buildup and flies, such as phorid, fruit, and drain flies.

These enzymes naturally break down and digest food waste, fats, and grease in dishwashing areas, under bars, along kitchen perimeters, and in commercial grease traps so small flying insects, roaches, and other pests no longer have an easy food source.

This bacterial solution helps remove offensive odors caused by rotting organic materials in your drains so that your restaurant smells sanitized.  They are also highly effective at cleaning floor drains, sink drains, soda fountain drains, beer tap drains, and even urinals and surrounding floors.  (Get rid of urine smell!)

Though the products we use for drain bioremediation and other debris removal are not insecticides or sanitizers, they do work together and turn decaying organic solids into water and CO2. Note: Dominion does not clean out grease traps, rather we apply foam to eat away bio residue. Complete grease trap cleansing requires a separate professional service company with the ability to handle gallons of grease for reuse.

What is Drain Bioremediation (bio remediation)?

Drain bioremediation is when a bacteria-based solution is applied to get rid of grease, oils, and rotten organic matter. Reducing grease buildup and buildup from other food debris helps reduce feeding sources (and breeding grounds) for flies, roaches, ants, and other pests. Beneficial bacteria digest foul-smelling organic buildup and quicken the biological breakdown that takes place in our waste systems.

Dominion does not use toxins or harsh chemicals in our drain bioremediation services, which are ideal for commercial clients like restaurants, but are also helpful to healthcare facilities, rec centers, cafeterias, grocery stores, and other buildings where food debris can build up and attract pests.

Why is Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance Important?

Grease buildup can cause plumbing nightmares. They cause slow drains and sewage backups, which create offensive odors and possibly unsanitary conditions. Your restaurant must maintain grease trap cleaning to be in compliance with regulations, which help protect public water systems.

How Often Should a Grease Trap be Cleaned?

Most cities require restaurants to clean their traps often enough to avoid a more than 25 percent fat, oil, and grease (FOG) buildup. Typically, a grease trap will need to be cleaned every 1-3 months.

Inspect drains and observe any slow drainage. When needed, schedule a professional drain bioremediation service. Maintain a record of grease trap cleanings. It’s best to be proactive rather than reactive.

How Much Does Grease Trap Cleaning or Drain Bioremediation Cost?

The cost of drain remediation and grease trap cleansing will vary. It will depend on the amount of organic buildup, the size and number of areas that need to be cleaned, and the time involved. Also, there may be an existing pest infestation that needs to be mitigated prior to bioremediation application. That being said, grease trap cleaning services and drain bioremediation costs much less than sewage cleanup and plumbing catastrophes.

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