termites destroying wood in Lancaster County

Pennsylvania, Get Rid of Termites with the Power of Bora-Care

Termites are nasty, wood-destroying beetles that are often mistaken for flying ants. They can do severe damage to ceilings, floors, furniture…wood surfaces in general. For Pennsylvania property, few insects are more dangerous than termites.

Dominion Pest Control technicians are trained experts in the application of reactionary liquid termite treatments and pretreating for termites and other wood destroying insects with borate treatments, specifically, the use of Bora-Care. This is an increasingly popular choice of termite control in Pennsylvania.

What is sprayed on wood to prevent termites?

Borate treatments, especially Bora-Care, are the best products available to prevent termites from destroying your home or building. With this borate treatment, termites no longer see wood as a food source. Bora-Care soaks into the wood and offers years of protection against wood-destroying insects. This pest prevention can also kill all forms of fungi.

What is borate or Bora-Care?

Borates are compounds made of boron and oxygen. Boron can be found in nature as borates. Bora-Care is a surface protectant and termite pretreatment. It’s a borate-based product for prevention and control of not only termites but can help control carpenter ants and other wood-eating pests.

Where to buy Bora-Care?

You can find Bora-Care at some big-box storage and home project stores; we don’t recommend it as a “DIY solution” to termite infestation, however. Bora-Care requires special mixing and cleaning protocols, and special training… it is not recommended for homeowners to attempt to make treatments due to improper applications, and damage to equipment.

How long does Bora-Care last?

Once applied, Bora-Care remains in the wood for the life of the wood providing long-term residual protection.  We will warranty the treatment for up to 20 years with an annual renewal inspection. (The Nisus warranty to PMPs is for 30 years- https://nisuscorp.com/product/bora-care )

Is Bora-Care harmful to humans?

The active ingredient in Bora-Care is a mineral salt with a toxicity similar to table salt. Bora-Care contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Is Bora-Care safe for pets?

Pets should not be present during the actual application of Bora-Care, but once it is complete, it is safe for pets. 

How much does Bora-Care cost?

Treatments are based on linear feet, so the bigger the home, the more Bora-Care is required. We welcome you to contact us for a better estimate of what termite prevention might cost for your needs.

How do you apply Bora-Care?

We apply Bora Care with special electric back-pack sprayers made for the pest control industry. Bora-Care requires special mixing and cleaning protocols, and special training. It is not recommended for homeowners to attempt to make treatments due to improper applications, and damage to equipment. Additionally, only a pest company can provide a termite letter for the closing.

Is a professional borate treatment for commercial/construction companies or is this available for residential applications?

We can perform applications to either. Treatments are to be made to unfinished areas during construction phases of residential or commercial properties and are rarely considered as a reactive treatment. Bora-Care can be used after a structure is complete if certain conditions apply.  An example would be an unfinished garage or basement.

Bora-Care remedial treatments are done as a normal course of business in areas with drywood termites.

Are you ready to keep termites from destroying your wood? We’re ready to make that happen. Call your Pennsylvania Bora-Care pest control professionals today to learn more.