Lancaster and York: Get Rid of Small Ants in Your House

It’s that time of year when small ants emerge to find food sources and to start new colonies! Small ants, as most Lancaster and York residents refer to them, are usually Odorous House Ants, a more recent ant that has emerged in Pennsylvania.

Dominion Pest Control president Gregory Pettis says, “It wasn’t until 1995 that we saw this ant species emerge and become the dominant ant in Lancaster and York counties.”

So how can you get rid of them?

Odorous House Ants & OTC Sprays

The Odorous House Ants are a very complicated ant. They will most likely get worse when a homeowner decides to treat them for themselves with over-the-counter products. Pettis says the reason for this is due to an instinct called “fracturing”, and this process is a self-preservation instinct. When Odorous House Ants sense a threat due to workers not returning to the nest, an ant queen will “bud” the colony. A certain number of them will divide and take off to start another satellite colony.

This translates into Double the Trouble. If a resident continues to spray, this process can go on and on, making the situation even worse.

Get Rid of House Ants at the Source

Dominion overcomes this challenge by using products that are transferable to the colony. Once the ants trail through the product, they take it back and spread it through the entire colony, eventually getting to the queen. Not all local pest control companies use this approach, and the battle with these small ants can go on and on for long periods of time.

Another way that Dominion likes to tackle these ants is from the outside. In addition to having the home treated, a customer can opt to have their yard treated where the problem originates. By treating your yard, you can go to the source and eliminate the issue before it reaches the house.

If you are struggling with small ants, and would like professional help, give Dominion Pest Control a call today!