Can You Control Stink Bugs?

Q. Can you provide stink bug control?

A. The answer is yes! Stink bugs can be controlled by using perimeter spraying. The key to stink bug control is prevention.

The stink bugs were accidentally introduced to Allentown, PA.  From there, they spread to many states, including NJ, MD, VA, and even as far as FL.  People want to know if they are going to go away.  That answer is no!  And stink bug control is something that everyone is giong to need eventually if you live near crops of any kind.  Think this is extreme?  Since they arrived in 1998, they have spread like wildfire.  In 2010, they ate 30% of the crops in PA according the PA Dept. of Ag.  They are just getting started.

So let’s talk about stink bug control.  If the stinkers are already in your home, you will need to have professional pest control products used.  If you live in Lancaster or York PA, you may call Dominion Pest Control directly to have them service your home.

To see an actual treatment of stink bug control, watch the video below.