CBS21 TV Bed Bug Interview

Jenni Joyce from CBS21 interviewed Dominion’s Christopher Komarow (correct spelling) in an exclusive Bed Bug story. Unfortunately the link has expired, but we’ve included the transcript from CBS21.

Bed bug infestations up 500 percent in Lancaster County

“Bed bugs are taking over several major cities and now they’ve made their way to Lancaster County. Lancaster city’s health officer said she got a couple more cases Thursday. Looking at the big picture, though, the city was free of bed bugs in 2007. Now, they’re continuing to multiply. Two dead bed bugs were dropped off to Dominion Pest Control on Thursday, by homeowners extremely concerned about their discovery. However, these pests are nothing new for senior technician Christopher Kamarow. “It seems like as soon as I finish up with one job another one comes in,” said Kamarow. Lancaster County has become an increasingly popular destination for the insects during the last three years. Kamarow said their presence has increased by 500 percent, and people in the area are at a real disadvantage when it comes to stopping the trend.

“Most people are simply not aware of the fact that bed bugs are a real insect and how they tend to hitch rides from one place to another on us and our belongings … from hotel stays to international transit or even just public transit, intermingling luggage with other people,” said Kamarow. Lancaster city’s health officer admits there’s a growing problem in city homes. Kamarow said the bugs can crawl their way from one row-home to the next. Bed bugs like to travel. They’re not picky about their food source or their destination. “Rich, poor, clean or dirty, everyone is susceptible to bed bug infestation,” said Kamarow. Kamarow also said a watchful eye is the best line of defense. “You’ve got to be careful and conscious of your surroundings. And after a while, every dot or speck will be a bed bug.”

To see an interview with Chris and Dominion’s owner, Gregory Pettis, click on the Bed Bug Information Video.