How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard and Inside the House

In addition to being a health hazard, mosquitoes are a huge nuisance. They can disrupt outdoor activities and cause sleepless nights due to their incessant buzzing and biting. That’s why it’s important to know how to effectively get rid of mosquitoes in your yard as well as inside the house. We’ll not only give you some helpful tips on eliminating mosquitoes, but also tell you how to find mosquito nests, kill mosquito larvae, and prevent these pests from getting onto your property in the first place.

Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

Mosquitoes can pose a serious threat to human health. They are carriers of several deadly diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and Chikungunya. In fact, mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths than any other animal on the planet.

In addition, mosquito bites can cause allergic reactions and severe skin irritation. The resulting swelling, redness, and itching often persists for several days. Mosquito bites can be especially harmful to children and people with weak immune systems.

Where Do Mosquitoes Live?

The first step to getting rid of mosquitoes is to understand where they live. Mosquitoes require stagnant, still water to lay their eggs, which hatch into larvae (“wrigglers”) in as little as one day. A female mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs in one area, so the key is to find these concentrated spots before the larvae fully develop and fly away.

These larvae are tiny and difficult to see, so it is usually easier to look for mosquito egg rafts, or nests. You can often locate mosquito nests on your property in any areas where standing water is present. In your yard, you are likely to find nests in ponds, pools, drainage ditches, or bird baths. However, mosquitoes can also be attracted to smaller sources of water like clogged rain gutters and old tires.

Inside your house, you may find mosquito nests in flowerpots, dog bowls, children’s toys, or other items that contain still or pooled water.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Prevention is Key

Simple measures like keeping the grass trim and repairing leaky pipes can go a long way in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Homeowners should also make sure to properly seal all windows, doors and any other entry points to the house, as mosquitoes can sneak in through gaps or cracks. Also try to keep your home free of clutter or debris that could provide a hiding place for mosquitoes.

Kill Mosquito Larvae by Eliminating the Source

Once you identify the breeding grounds, it is important to act quickly. It is best to attack mosquitoes while they are still in the larvae stage; this is when they are most vulnerable and cannot fly away. You should remove any stagnant water to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying. Plant saucers and gutters are common sources of mosquito larvae, so it is important to empty these frequently. Additionally, it is a good idea to completely empty outdoor containers and bins regularly and to keep them covered at all times.

You may also be able to kill larvae by adding nontoxic liquids like dish soap, shampoo, apple cider vinegar, or vegetable oil to watery areas. However, be cautious about adding these substances to areas where other life forms exist, e.g., ponds or birdbaths.

Use DIY Treatments

Mosquito repellents are a useful tool for reducing the mosquito population in and around your home. Citronella candles and bug sprays containing DEET are popular choices, but there are also many natural remedies that can work just as well. Essential oils like cedar and cinnamon, found in Nature-Cide’s insect repellent, are proven to have mosquito-repelling properties and can be used in diffusers or sprays.  Contact Dominion Pest Control for more information if interested.

Mosquito traps and zappers can also come in handy. These devices either attract and trap mosquitoes or electrocute them when they come into contact with a light source. It is important to note that these items are not foolproof and should be used in conjunction with other methods for best results.

When using a larvicide or other pesticide, it is always a good idea to take precautions such as wearing gloves and protective clothing. It is also important to keep children and pets away during application and to read all labeling information carefully.

Don’t forget to treat under trees, shrubs, ground cover, leaf clutter, decks, and anywhere else you think mosquitoes may be laying eggs. Concentrate on areas with high humidity and shade. After all, it doesn’t matter how hard you treat: If you don’t target the correct harborage sites, your mosquito problem will persist.

Local Mosquito Control Services

Trust the Experts

For maximum safety and the most effective, lasting treatment, contact a professional exterminator like Dominion Pest Control. Dominion has over 100+ combined years of pest control experience and is a top-rated local mosquito control service.  

We help homeowners get rid of mosquitoes by providing comprehensive services that target every aspect of mosquito control. Our experienced professionals know exactly where to look for mosquito nests and breeding sites and can effectively eliminate them using the most advanced techniques and technologies.

We also have access to specialized tools and products designed specifically for mosquito control. These commercial solutions are more effective than over-the-counter products and are engineered to target both adult mosquitoes and their larvae. Plus, you can rest assured that our expert mosquito treatments will keep you and your family safe – as well as any pets, plants, vegetable gardens, fishponds, and bird baths.

Organic Mosquito Control with Nature-Cide

One of our most effective solutions is Nature-Cide‘s line of commercial products: professional grade insecticides specifically designed for the control of mosquitoes and other household insects. Formulated with essential oils such as clove, cottonseed, cedar, cinnamon and other natural ingredients, these powerful solutions kill mosquitoes on contact and provide a safe, nontoxic alternative to traditional pesticides. Nature-Cide can be applied to lawns, trees, turf, foliage, shrubbery, building foundations, the exteriors of structures, patios, playgrounds, and other areas that are typically off-label with traditional insecticides. Not only does Nature-Cide kill existing mosquitoes and larvae, but it also prevents future infestations.

Other Professional Mosquito Treatments

In certain situations, we may also utilize briquets, also known as “dunks.” These sustained-release larvicides conveniently float on the water’s surface and contain a substance called BTI (bacillus thurengensies) — a natural mosquito-killing biocontrol agent. Alternatively, our team may use IGRs (insect growth regulators) to kill the larvae. In general, larvicides are very effective at targeting mosquitoes in their immature mosquito stage and prevent them from growing into adult mosquitoes that are capable of laying eggs.

Other less common methods include traps and biocontrol. Traps are a great way to capture mosquitoes without causing harm. These devices work by emitting light and carbon dioxide to attract the insects, after which they are sucked into a container and later released back into the wild.

Biological control methods involve introducing mosquitoes to predators like fish or larger insects that feed on their larvae and prevent them from maturing into adults. Biocontrol is particularly effective in areas with standing water, where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Contact Dominion Today

As a professional pest control company, our goal at Dominion Pest Control is to resolve your mosquito problem quickly and effectively. We will not only eliminate your existing mosquito infestation, but we will work with you to modify your house and yard to prevent future infestations from these and other pests.

Additionally, we will provide you with the option to receive ongoing mosquito control services. We often schedule regular visits with our clients to monitor mosquito activity, identify problem areas, and provide effective treatment solutions as needed. This long-term strategy keeps mosquitoes off your property on an ongoing basis.

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