If you have a fleas in York or Lancaster PA, you are not alone. All the damp conditions have caused the flea populations in Lancaster to flourish.  Fleas need a hairy host such as a cat or dog to really get a foot-hold inside the house.  Once they find a host which becomes the main feeding source, the fleas will begin reproduce and lay eggs.  If the host (cat or dog) is mobile and has access to much of the home, the fleas will spread.

Treating the cat or dog with a topical flea product is a good idea to begin flea elimination in your Lancaster County home, but it will not take care of the main infestations in the house itself.  When you call Dominion Pest Control to treat your home, we will be treating the entire floor areas as well as any other areas that the pets have access to.

If you need a flea control treatment in Lancaster PA, give us a call today at 717-393-7879. Please print and follow instructions on our Flea Treatment Instructions before our flea control technician arrives. If you have any questions, please make sure to ask when calling.

Dominion Pest Control also treats fleas in Manheim, Denver, Ephrata, New Holland, and many more towns in Lancaster County PA.  We also treat fleas in the entire county of York PA.