Mice Can Cause Serious Problems To Your Home or Business

If you are seeing or hearing mice run around right now, chances are they did not just show up…they have probably been there for a while, you just finally found out.  Since they are primarily active at night, there is little detection except for their droppings.  However, when there is more mice, sometimes there is a competition for food sources, and mice will be forced to run around in the day when the other mice are resting.

The problem with the common house mouse is that they have an instinct to gnaw, and many unknown causes of house fires are attributed to mice and rats chewing on wires.  Recently, we were called to  a college that had an entire building shut down because of rodents chewing on main wires.

Mice are looking to get inside  Lancaster & York houses and businesses in the late fall and winter, due to extreme weather conditions.  Basements, attics, and garages are usually the first entry points.  After arriving, they will look for food sources.  Once they find a source, they will nest somewhere within 10-15 feet.  Finding the nest can be difficult, and require professional help.  Over 60% of the time we are called in to a mice situation, the homeowner or business owner had tried everything on the market to resolve it themselves.  If you are frustrated and concerned with a mouse in the house issue, it may be time to call for help.