How Do I get Rid of Stink Bugs?

Q.  How do I get rid of Stink Bugs?

A.  This is a great question.  Chances are you will not stop them yourself–you are going to need help.  Stink bugs will sun-bathe on the side of your house, then enter your home around the windows, doors air conditioners and chimneys.

First, seal up any cracks that you can find that lead to the inside of  your home such as cracks around your dryer vent, outside faucet, etc.  If this does not stop them from getting in, you will most likely need professional help.

When we treat for Stink Bugs, we powerspray and stop them from entering, and stop them from sun-bathing on the side of your home.  This keeps them “dying at the door” before they get in.  You can not stop them from landing, but you can stop them from entering with quarterly powersprays.