WGAL Stink Bug Story

In February, WGAL featured a stink bug story with Dominion Pest Control owner, Gregory Pettis, listing 3 things you can do to get rid stink bugs right now.

WGAL’s Brian Roche started the story, “They’re back…so today News 8 went to an expert to find out 3 things you can do right now to battle the stink bug invasion.”

During the interview, Dominion’s owner commented: “If folks are having a problem with stink bugs, and it’s ongoing, and they would like professional help, we would be glad to help them out. What we do differently than what the home-owner can do, is we powerspray the perimeter of a home and we recommend quarterly treatments for that. By using a powersprayer, you can reach very high second and third stories treating around the eaves, the windows, the louvers, any place where stink bugs are going to get in where you are not normally going to be able to reach.”

Dominion has been leading the stink bug battle in Lancaster & York Counties with six highly trained technicians with an average of 15 years per tech. Dominion made history in 2010 by boldly proclaiming they knew how to get rid of stink bugs, while the national pest control companies continued to say they did not know how to control them. After Dominion’s customers began to request lawn signs that stated Dominion had treated their home, more and more residents of PA were convinced that Dominion had the secret. Since then, Dominion released an eighteen minute Stink Bug FAQ video, explaining exactly why we say we can get rid of the stinkers. To see the video, click below.