Termite Swarm or Ants? We Can Help with Both

It’s that time of year, when termite swarmers emerge to start a new colony. It can look like an indoor hurricane when a healthy colony of termites swarms out of one of your baseboards or basement sill plate.

Thousands of these ant-looking creatures will fly to the windows to get out and start a new colony. If you’re seeing termite swarmers in your house, it’s time to call for professional termite control.

Both termites and ants are destructive. Do you know the difference?

Termite Swarmers vs Ants

Subterranean Termites are not something that you want to treat yourself because termites in Lancaster or York counties cannot be eradicated from above the ground.

Dominion can eliminate a termite colony by using products that are transferable and go through the entire colony and kill the queen. We use special equipment to pump termiticide into the ground around your home.

Since termite swarmers can look a lot like ant swarmers, it is recommended to have Dominion come and look at the evidence. Knowing the difference between ants and termites is very important! While Dominion takes care of hundreds of ant infestations each year, termites are more complicated and require special attention from our technicians.

If you see ants or termites in your home, it’s time to call Dominion for an inspection… we are happy to help you with either pest!