Spiders in Lancaster & York

There are many types of spiders that will invade your home here in Lancaster and York PA, too many to name actually. One thing that you need to know is that they can be stopped. Years ago, people would tell me that someone in the pest control industry told them that there was nothing that you could do for spiders. Well that simply isn’t true. We will get and maintain control! In fact, when someone is on our Quarterly Perimeter Powerspraying plan, they won’t see many at all. That’s right, we can control them to the point that you’ll wonder where they all went!

One of the ways we get control of spiders is by treating rooms in the home with a general spray insecticide on the initial service where the spiders are being sighted. Something that is important is to have us treat the basement and garage on the initial service also. From there, we maintain control quarterly from the outside. Now we are not talking about something you pick up at the hardware store; we use products that are long lasting along with low toxicity rates. And best of all, mostly every product we use has virtually no odor at all! Call us for more details! To view Dominion’s veteran technician Christopher Komarow treat a spider infestation, please click on the video below.