COVID disinfecting services in Lancaster and York Pennsylvania

Services For COVID-19: How the Pros Do It

Dominion Pest Control, mostly known for its expertise in pest and wildlife control, has played a crucial role in helping nonprofits, homeless shelters, and health clinics at higher risk for COVID-19 by providing support, products, and equipment.

Dominion continues to help these organizations while it also offers commercial disinfecting services to businesses throughout the Susquehanna Valley, helping to mitigate the risk of contagions and slow the spread of COVID-19.

The EPA has deemed the product we use as effective against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Our disinfecting services not only consist of physical wipe-downs and special ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging machines that treat hard surfaces frequently touched throughout the workplace.

Dominion’s Services for COVID-19

Dominion Pest Control disinfecting services technician in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Since the PA Dept of Agriculture requested pest control companies perform disinfecting services, we have performed more than 100 commercial treatments in all kinds of facilities, from municipalities, surgical centers, EMS/fire stations, churches, nursing homes, offices, and large warehouses.

Some of our COVID-19 disinfecting services occur after an occupant tested positive, while other applications are pre-emptive. We’re proud to be among the elite few pest-control companies with the equipment and training to perform these services.

How Long Does the Coronavirus Last on Surfaces?

According to the CDC, the coronaviruses may live on surfaces and objects for hours or days. Warmer temperatures and sunlight can shorten its lifespan. Consistent, proper cleaning can mitigate the risk of it surviving long enough to cause harm.

However, recent findings suggest that the main mode of COVID-19 transmission is through close, person-to-person contact rather than through touching a surface or object that’s been contaminated with the virus.

Diligence in proper social distancing and mask wearing, paired with continuous decontamination of surfaces will better ensure your safety.

What Can Employees Do Between Deep Cleanings to Keep Everyone Safe?

If you can remote in to work, do so.

If you are working on site, clean any surfaces at your workstation or equipment, before and after your shift. Your employer should be providing disinfectant sprays or wipes.

Be vigilant with handwashing, according to the CDC recommendations. Maintain safe social distancing (6 feet apart) and wear a mask. This is “old news”, but it is still relevant and necessary.

You can protect yourself and others by following the OSHA Workplace Guidance and Strategies.

Is There a Residential Service For COVID-19 Disinfection?

At this time, Dominion is only servicing commercial and business facilities. In your home, the best prevention service you can implement is to identify all touch points throughout the house and routinely sanitize their surfaces.

Double-up by consistently applying hand sanitizers and/or handwashing according to CDC recommendations, especially after touching areas that you have not already cleaned or sanitized. Also, limiting the number of visitors during COVID spikes can reduce the probability of someone introducing the virus into your home.

Don’t just monitor obvious areas, like faucets and handles, but give some hard thought to where hands are landing inside your home. Make it a family project and brainstorm. You’d be surprised at what might otherwise go missing from the list.

On your computer keyboards and “mice,” use a solution of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and 30 water, per CDC recommendations. The CDC suggests using alcohol-based wipes that contain at least 70 percent alcohol but check if manufacturer’s instructions deem them safe to use on your device.  It is recommended to power-off equipment first.

We suggest you visit “Detailed Disinfection Guidance” on the CDC website for more information to mitigate COVID-19 risks in your household.

If you are ready to schedule disinfecting services for your business facility (Read Disinfecting Services Prep Sheet) or have other questions regarding Dominion’s local virus-disinfecting services for commercial properties, please give us a call.