Why Do I Keep Getting Stink Bugs?

Q. I have these bugs that are getting into my house…they are brown, have a back that looks like a shield. I have never seen them before; can you tell me what they are and where they are coming from?

A. If they just started to show up in the past year or so, they are most likely stink bugs. And if they are stink bugs, they are coming from Allentown, PA. Within the past decade, stink bugs were imported to the US and ended up in Allentown. They have now spread to more than a dozen counties here in PA. For control: Quarterly Powerspraying is the most effective way to stop stink bugs from entering a structure. We offer several other plans that include Powerspraying as a great way to stop many other insects such as centipedes, spiders, boxelder beetles, and ants from entering your home.