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If you are looking for Lancaster pest control, you may call the area’s finest: Dominion Pest Control 717-393-7879. We bring an average of 15 years of experience per technician! No national or other local pest control company brings that kind of experience to your door.

How Dominion Got Its Start In Lancaster

Dominion Pest control was started in 2006 when founder Gregory Pettis went out on his own after being in the pest control industry for more than a decade. Soon after, other seasoned pest control technicians were attracted to the style and professionalism that Dominion presented. Today, Dominion has seven technicians, most approaching two decades in pest control, and secretaries that have been working with pest control for more than two decades!

Since 2006, Dominion has been a member of BBB and has an excellent rating (click on the logo on the homepage to see report). Also in 2006, Dominion was asked to participate in WGAL’s Local Pros Who Know program, producing two commercials for the station.

Making The News

Dominion made the news in 2008 with the release of Dominators reality show (online Dominators.TV), where Dominion’s technicians allowed cameras to follow them into the serious situations they get into while dealing with pests in Lancaster County. During the release, York Daily Record asked to have access to film behind the scenes, and Dominion allowed the cameras to follow them one more time (footage on homepage–this site). Then, after the release of Dominators, Lancaster Newspapers awarded Dominion’s Dominators with a two-page story titled, “Total Domination of Reality TV” (also on homepage). Soon after, the company exploded as veteran pest control techs wanted in on the action with a company that not only had experienced but wasn’t afraid to display how they handled more serious, sometimes dangerous situations.

With the attraction of the media and locals taking note of Dominion after the release of Dominators, Dominion did another thing that stunned the public: They blanketed their Lancaster pest control customer lawns with signs that said: “Get Rid of Stink Bugs” (with customer’s permission of course). This caused some confusion because the national pest control companies continued to say that there was nothing they could do about the stinkers. Even WGAL mentioned the signs in a story. At the time, Dominion was the only company saying they could control stink bugs. Owner Greg Pettis reflects: “We had a meeting discussing whether or not we should do this…in the end, we looked at each other and concluded that as a bunch of seasoned technicians, it was time for a challange, and we were up to it.” With early success, Lancaster pest control customers called Dominion and said, “I want a sign in my yard!” Pettis says amused, “The only thing I could figure was that folks wanted their neighbors to know that they did not have stink bugs anymore. Honestly, I was stunned when they called us, asking for a sign. It was a sign of victory–pun intended.” Since then, WGAL interviewed Pettis in Febuary of 2011, and called him the “Stink Bug Expert” (video on homepage). To watch a FAQ video on how Lancaster pest control company Dominion gets rid of stink bugs, click on the video below.

Another item that caught the media’s attention was Lancaster’s pest Bed Bug issue. Dominion control was so well known that Lancaster Newspapers and CBS interviewed the senior technician, Christopher Komarow: “No one is immune. It’s not a rich, poor, clean or dirty type of issue.” Chris’ additional comment made quote of the week in Lancaster Sunday News: “Listen, you exhale and have warm blood — that’s all it takes.”