Keep those Pesky Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard and Patio

Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. . .  sometimes it seems they are all lining up to see how they can ruin your summertime cookouts, barbecues, or yard games.    The challenge of eradicating lawn pests can seem never-ending in south central Pennsylvania and makes lawn pest control a priority for most homeowners in this area. 

Mosquitoes Spread Disease

Mosquitoes are the biggest culprit of all the patio and lawn pests, not just because of their nasty bites  but also because of their role in spreading disease such as the Zika Virus or West Nile Virus.  For a number of years now, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has conducted an active program for combatting West Nile Virus and targets specific areas for mosquito treatment each year. 

Various forms of encephalitis and malaria are also linked to mosquitoes. Although there has been no current local transmission of the Zika Virus in the United States for the past five years, it still remains on the watch list when traveling to other countries and among individuals (such as pregnant women) who are extremely susceptible to the disease.

Mosquitoes thrive in dark, humid places where they have plenty of shade and moisture where they can breed.  Killing adult mosquitoes is a good start, but preventing mosquito breeding is key in keeping the mosquitoes from multiplying.

Thus a good starting point is to clean up debris in your yard and eliminate standing water in everything from flower pots and wheelbarrows to trash can lids and bird baths. A change of the water in your bird bath several times a week is recommended. 

Mosquito-repelling plants such as citronella, marigolds, and eucalyptus also serve as good repellants.

A Surefire Treatment:  Mosquito Spray for the Yard

A mosquito treatment applied by a professional pest control company is the best way to kill both the adult mosquitoes as well as the eggs and larvae.  Dominion Pest Control specializes in Green mosquito applications, so make sure to ask about our all natural treatments utilizing Nature-Cide products.

How much does lawn pest control cost?

There are different approaches to spraying that will depend on the size of your yard and its makeup.  For a yard up to ¼ acre in size, a homeowner would be looking at a range of $70-$90 monthly (April through October) in south Central Pennsylvania to have the yard sprayed for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

Is there a waiting period after application before the lawn can be used for kids to play?

After Dominion’s technicians make an application to your yard, it is recommended to wait until our products dry on the lawn.  Usually this is less than a half hour under normal conditions.

Treating and Preventing Other Lawn Pests

Does the mosquito spray used on my yard work as well on fleas as it does on mosquitoes?

It does indeed, and it also tackles fleas and ticks.

What is the best lawn spray for fleas that will not harm the dog?

There are various pet-friendly yard sprays that will not harm your dogs or cats.   If you are concerned about your application, we invite you to check out our Green Pest Control line of products called Nature-Cide that can be sprayed on the yard, but is also available in pre-mixed spray bottles that can be used on animals and around the home.  The Nature-Cide product even works to repel mice, rats, and snakes.

And a side benefit is the Nature-Cide products is the amazing aroma—combining cedar, cinnamon, and clove oil—making your yard and patio do not take on an antiseptic aroma.

What are those swarms of flies or gnats that hover around yards in the summertime, sometimes almost making a buzzing sound like bees?

Believe it or not, these little pests are appropriately called lawn gnats, and although they are a major nuisance, they are actually harmless.  They prefer hot and rainy weather, and you can expect them to develop in the damp soil rich in decaying plant material or around your composter. 

Don’t overwater your lawn and thus you will avoid creating a favorable environment for the development of these insects.  When  you let  your soil dry out between waterings, it will be less attractive to bugs.

Count on the professionals at Dominion Pest Control to service all of your lawn pest control needs.  Contact us to request a quote.