Flying Termites Hotline!

If you are seeing flying termites, or “swarmers” in Lancaster PA or York PA, please call our Termite Hotline: 717-393-7875 for fast service. We have dedicated this line to flying termites due to the volume of calls that we are receiving. If you are not sure if you have termites, please put some of the insects in a bag and call the hotline so we may inspect them to determine if you have termites in Lancaster or York PA. Swarming termites will fly with the intent to try and start a new colony in your home. Dominion Pest Control uses products that work like a “virus” and kill the entire colony. Now that’s taking control! To view a video of Dominion Pest Control performing a termite treatment in PA, click on Operation Termite Elimination. Dominion Pest Control is an Accredited BBB Business, members since 2006.  You may click on logo above to view our BBB Status.