Dominion and COVID-19: Our Commercial Disinfecting Services

Pest Control and COVID-19

We’re proud to be among the elite few pest control companies with the equipment and training to perform these services. The EPA has added the concentrate that we use to “List N”, which is deemed to be effective against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Now, this is a lot of technical jargon to simply say: we want to help you stay healthy!

Comments from Dominion’s President, Greg Pettis

“As soon as we announced that we had product and equipment to disinfect, our phones rang, with requests from businesses such as medical facilities, rehab centers, EMS and Fire Stations, assisted living homes, private businesses and even a large auto auction.” 

greg pettis in full protective gear

Pettis said he was surprised by the cry for help from organizations wanting to “Press the ‘RESET BUTTON'” as he calls it, referring to Dominion’s ‘Deep Clean’ service utilizing physical wipe-downs and special ULV machines that treats not only surfaces that humans touch, but the whole room including walls and flooring. This photo portrays our disinfecting service in a medical setting:

Who Can We Serve?

We have the ability to treat medical offices, business offices, and most types of commercial settings, using industry products that are labeled for disinfecting, sanitizing, and killing viruses. If you have any questions about our process please email us; or, if you would like to schedule an estimate, please call our office at 717-393-7879.  

In this strange time, we’re prioritizing our services on a scale of urgency and necessity. Outside of our disinfecting services, we are assisting our customers by eliminating most pests from the exterior and reducing our inside services to those that affect public health such as bed bugs, mice, rats, and roaches. We are still providing as many of our standard services as possible with modifications along with our new disinfecting services.

Dominion Pest Control is committed to keeping our customers safe and healthy during this uncomfortable time. If you have any questions about our processes or services, we invite you to contact us.