March 13, 2020

Dear Customer,

            As the situation concerning the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to develop, we felt it was important to communicate to you that we have already implemented preventative steps company-wide to address the concerns and minimize the spread of the illness.  Our first priority is always to protect the safety and well-being of our employees and customers.  It is with this in mind that we take the matter seriously and strive to remain well informed.  Decisions based on proper information allow us to take appropriate and preventative measures without panic or fear.

            All employees have been asked to contact their supervisor immediately if they are not feeling well so that it can be determined if they should come to work or not, based on symptoms and other factors.  We do not want any employees who are sick to come to work during this time.  We are also monitoring the personal travel of all employees.  Our technicians will be wearing gloves for all interior treatments and the gloves will be disposed of and replaced after each service.  We have also implemented disinfecting protocols for both technicians and office staff.  These protocols are designed around the specific work space of the employee and are instructed to be followed several times a day. Our office staff is prepared to work from home if the need should arise.

            At this time, there are no changes to our current operation as we feel our services are being conducted in a safe and preventative manner.  The majority of our services are preformed on the exterior of homes and buildings, not allowing for the spread of illness. Additionally, our business is not opened to the public, with a store front,  which allows for containment and implementation of superior disinfecting protocols.  As always, our commitment is to our employees and customers.  This will continue to guide our decisions as we monitor the ongoing situation.

Thank you,

Greg Pettis