Bed Bug Preemptive Strike Program for Lancaster PA

WGAL Breaks Story on Domininon’s “Bed Bug Preemptive Strike” Program

In a rare appearance with one of Lancaster City’s bed bug officials, WGAL uncovers the city’s bed bug problem and highlights Dominion’s new offensive against the suckers with the bed bug pre-treatment. You don’t have to lose sleep anymore, as revealed in this breaking story “Bed bugs the ‘worst they’ve ever been’ in the Susquehanna Valley”. Click below to watch this segment that aired for one solid week on WGAL:

If you have bed bugs in Lancaster or York PA, please check out our informational interview with Lancaster’s bed bug expert, Christopher Komarow. In this video, you will learn who bed bugs in Lancaster and York PA feed on, and how to get rid of the bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Prep Sheet