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Bed bugs present themselves as a general nuisance all over the world; in fact, they can be found in every country and on every continent except Antarctica! Bed bugs get their name through their nasty habit of feeding on human blood while we sleep in our beds, but they can be anywhere. They generally dislike the heat, so they don’t tend to linger on our skin or in our hair like lice or ticks. Instead, bed bugs like to hitch a ride from place to place on our clothing, shoes, backpacks, and luggage.

But how do you get rid of bed bugs? As a member of the International Bed Bug Resource Authority, Dominion Pest Control offers the best in bed bug extermination because we understand their habits and life cycle. Bed bugs have been a growing problem here in the Lancaster and York areas, and we want to help keep you safe.

There are risks involved in attempting to rid your own home of these pests. Many “over-the-counter” products are only effective if they come in direct contact with the insect. However, bed bugs don’t typically surface every night, so if they are in hiding when you apply the product it will do nothing but keep them dormant until they think it’s safe to resurface. Bed bugs could survive more than half a year in hiding, all the while multiplying, causing further headache for you. Bed bug treatment can be complicated, so trust us to assess the problem and get the job done right the first time!

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“No one is immune. It’s not a rich, poor, clean or dirty type of issue.” Bed bug exterminator and Dominion Pro, Chris Komarow’s words ring true regarding the fight to eliminate bed bugs. The key to controlling bed bugs is pre-treating the areas susceptible to bed bug infestation, an offensive that not many bed bug companies are willing to take. The experts at Dominion Pest Control know how to wage war against these pesky critters and have a good track record in doing so. Check out the videos below for more information about the fight against bed bugs in our area and Dominion’s role in their extermination.

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