Bed Bugs

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International Bed Bug Resource Authority badge proves we know how to get rid of bed bugsGetting rid of bed bugs has become a science, especially since their numbers have skyrocketed in the Lancaster area of late. Dominion Pest Control offers the best in bed bug extermination because we have experts that know their habits and how to control them. Our Bed Bug Prep Sheet is a good tool to make sure you’re adequately prepared and aware of the risks and effects of bed bugs.

“No one is immune. It’s not a rich, poor, clean or dirty type of issue.” Bed bug exterminator and Dominion Pro, Chris Komarow’s words ring true regarding the fight to eliminate bed bugs. The key to controlling bed bugs is pre-treating the areas susceptible to bed bug infestation, an offensive that not many bed bug companies are willing to take. The experts at Dominion Pest Control know how to wage war against these pesky critters and have a good track record in doing so. Check out the videos below for more information about the fight against bed bugs in our area and Dominion’s role in their extermination.

Bed Bug Informational Video

Want to know what you can do to prepare? Print out our helpful Bed Bug Prep Sheet.

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