Get Rid of Bed Bugs Lancaster PA

Dominion Pest Control knows exactly how to get rid of bed bugs in Lancaster PA.  Our technicians have successfully treated hundreds of bed bug infestations in Lancaster County with no call-backs!  We get rid of bed bugs in one month, so you can get back to living, and more important, sleeping without getting bit up.  To watch an informative interview with Lancaster’s bed bug expert, Christopher Komarow, click below.

Bed bugs in Lancaster showed up in 2005, and are now a common pest.  Not only did it catch Lancaster by surprise, the epidemic caught America of guard. Since then, Dominion techs have been perfecting treatments, so residents can get rid of the bed bugs and go back to living. Using a chemical application, Dominion Pest Control minimizes the possibility that bed bugs can escape or hide during a “heat treatment” that some of the national companies have chosen to use. In fact, Dominion regularly gets called in to re-treat after another pest control company’s treatment failed.

When getting rid of bed bugs, it is important to seek, destroy, and prevent. What this means is our bed bug technicians thoroughly examine each part of a room, kill all live visible bed bugs, and introduce an insect growth regulator to prevent re-infestations. Using this technique, Dominion has 1000% batting average in bed bug control. All we ask is that treatment recipients follow the Getting Rid of Bed Bug Prep Sheet. After following the prep sheet, in combination with our treatments, expect to be bed bug free!