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TAP Insulation – The What, Why, and How of our Newest Endeavor

Did you know that according to the Department of Energy, 9 out of every 10 homes are under-insulated? Not only could this mean sky-high energy bills for your family as temperatures continue to plummet, but it could also mean that your attic is home to unwanted pests like ants, termites, silverfish, or cockroaches! What’s a homeowner to do?

Dominion Pest Control has some exciting news – we’re officially certified to install TAP insulation! What is TAP insulation, you ask? TAP stands for Thermal Acoustic Pest Control insulation, and it’s changing the home insulation game.

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Spotted Lanternfly comes to Lancaster

large spotted lanternflyYou probably have heard about the Spotted Lanternfly by now, and although beautiful to the eye, these insects are deadly to trees.  Starting last year, the SLF was reported to be sighted in Lancaster County, in areas such as Ephrata, Lititz, Denver, and now in the greater areas surrounding Lancaster City. Dominion is no stranger to tackling new pests, in fact we were one of the first companies to go after the infamous ‘Stink Bug’, which wiped out a third of PA’s crops in 2010.  We are currently offering treatment to trees and homes for the Spotted Lanternfly, so if you are seeing these creatures, please call our office today to reserve a ‘spot’ in our schedule for a treatment: 717-393-7879.

Click to see Dominion’s owner show actual Spotted Lanternflies on a tree in Lancaster:

Spotted Lanternflies on Tree | Video link

Dominion receives Nature-Cide® Certification

nature-cide certified partner logoDominion recently received it’s Certified Partner status from Nature-Cide® after using their products as a part of it’s Green program for four years.  Dominion’s president, Gregory Pettis states, “We are very proud to be associated with this all natural product line, and have found it to be very effective in our programs.” Since offering Green programs in 2015, Dominion’s customers have enjoyed the option to have all natural products and Green pest solutions for many pests that are controlled on a daily basis.  For more information on Dominion’s Green Program, click here: Dominion offers Green!  To schedule your Green Pest Control Program, call us today: 717-393-7879.

Dominion’s Spring Coupon!

dominion pest control spring couponWith Spring comes the bugs, rodents, and wildlife… but never fear, Dominion is here! Simply mention coupon when calling in to schedule your initial service…  whether it is bad bugs such as bed bugs, and roaches inside, or outside bugs such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas… or even rampant rodents like mice, rats or voles, just use the Spring coupon to receive your discounted service!

New Customer Spring Promotion

New customers receive $25 off Initial Service for residential or Commercial Pest Control, or for Yard Pest Control for biting insects outside.  For terrible termites, use our $50 off coupon for your termite treatment!  To schedule your treatment, give us a call today: 717-393-7879

Now Offering Wildlife Management Solutions

greg pettis of dominion pest control along with owner of howard's exterminating service

Dominion is proud to announce it is bringing on board Jeremy Howard from Howard’s Exterminating Services, and will now offer Wildlife Services to all customers!  “We are very excited about Jeremy joining us, with his extensive knowledge of pest control and wildlife management,” says Dominion owner Gregory Pettis.

Our two companies have shared services for years and the merge just made sense according to Pettis. “Howard’s has taken care of our customer’s wildlife issues for years, so he will be no stranger when he shows up in a Dominion uniform to our thousands of customers,” Pettis continued.

For official Press Release, see below:

For Immediate Release – 2/5/2019

Press Contact: Maria Pettis 717-393-7879

Dominion Pest Control Offers Wildlife Services

Lancaster, PA…..Locally owned Howard’s Exterminating Services (Manheim, PA) has decided to join Lancaster’s Dominion Pest Control, bringing wildlife management services to all of Dominion’s customers in Lancaster and York Counties. Dominion’s owner, Gregory Pettis–native of Lancaster, says the move will greatly increase the value of service that the local company provides. “We have been asked for years by our clients to remove pesky critters such as skunks, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, possums, bats and the like, but since we didn’t have the licensing or training, we turned those customers over to Howard’s. Jeremy Howard, local wildlife management expert and owner of Howard’s Exterminating, has 17 years experience in the pest control industry and has extensive knowledge on taking care of the area’s most difficult pests. He is looking forward to giving oversight to Dominion’s Management program and is excited about being a part of a team of technicians that have an average of fifteen years experience in General Pest Control in structures and yards to control indoor/outdoor insects and small rodents such as mice, rats and voles. “I think it will be fun to use the experience I have to help Dominion’s current clients and train their staff to be able to do what Howard’s does best,” Jeremy proudly exclaims. Dominion welcomes Howard’s customers and looks forward to providing them premier pest services. For further information, readers may call Dominion Pest Control LLC at 717-393-7879 or visit their web site at


Get Control of Yard Pests Today!

Dominion’s outdoor programs are a very popular addition to our award winning services.  Whether it’s nasty Mosquitoesclose up of a mosquito on skin, blood sucking Ticks, tunneling Moles and Voles, or just Ants tearing up the yard, Dominion has a program to control them all!  For more information on our Outdoor Yard treatments, give us call today: 717-393-7879
Most of our Outdoor programs offer Green Control, reducing risks to your family and pets.

Dominion Offers Green Pest Control!

Nature-Cide® logoDominion’s Award Winning Team now offers ‘Green’ Pest Control, featuring Nature-Cide® all natural, non-toxic insecticide/pesticide.

Dominion’s owner, Greg Pettis, decided to offer the Green Pest Control Program after encountering the new all natural line of pesticides from Nature-Cide®. “We had tried ‘Green’ products in the past, only to be disappointed,” Pettis admits. “It took a lot to change my mind, and Nature-Cide® did it.” Pettis says the company is using the all natural line of products on pests such as spiders, centipedes, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants and more. “Products we are using on the perimeter from Nature-Cide® even repel mice, rats and snakes. Nothing we have ever used before could do that.”

Dominion says some of the benefits include reduced application restrictions and runoff concerns. Another obvious application benefit is the great smell the new products offer, such as cedar, cinnamon and clove oil. “Everyone loves the smell, and I think our technicians are really enjoying not coming home smelling like chemicals at the end of the day.” Dominion also is offering the Nature-Cide® line of products in premixed spray bottles for fleas and ticks that can be used on animals, furniture, or flooring and an insect repellent spray great for ticks and mosquitoes. For more information on Dominion’s Green Program, call today: 717-393-7879

Lancaster Sunday News Features Dominion’s Termite Treatment

Gil Smart, LancasteChristopher Komarow - termite technicianr Sunday News writer featured Dominion Pest Control in his story, Early Birds (and bugs). Included in the story is pictures of termite swarmers and an actual termite treatment being performed by senior technician, Christopher Komarow. If you currently have termites in your home or business, print out the coupon from Clipper Magazine and call us: 717-393-7879


York Daily Record: Stink Bugs Difficult in York Co.

Teresa McMinn, writer for York Daily Record, included Dominion in her story, Stink bugs difficult to deal with in York County. She elaborates on Dominion’s owner typical workday: “Gregory Pettis’ description of his workday sounds more like a combat scene in an action movie. ‘We’re really rocking and rolling,’ he said and talked of a ‘seek-and-destroy mission’ to kill stink bugs. ‘You really have to study the habits and know your enemy.'” She also made reference to Greg’s comment about Dominion’s success with stink bugs: “In 2006 … it was just me,” he said. “Now, we’re up to eight”. For great information on stink bugs, watch the Stink Bug FAQ video.