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The Stinkers Are Back – Here’s How to Avoid Them!

Fall is nearly here! Have you noticed those pesky little stink bugs starting to come up out of their caves to wreak havoc on your backyard picnics and gather in the corners of your ceilings? If so, Dominion has you covered! We’re no strangers to the stink bug scene, and we’re here to make sure your home stays free and clear of the little stinkers. Continue reading

Spotted Lanternflies Have Been Spotted! Here’s What to Do

You may have heard in recent news that the Spotted Lanternfly has landed in Pennsylvania. This is true! An invasive species native to China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, Spotted Lanternflies have made their way to 14 unsuspecting Pennsylvania counties, including Berks, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Dauphin, Montgomery, Monroe, and Lehigh counties.

We know what you’re thinking: it’s just another bug! Kill it and move on! With these little buggers, not the case. The PA Department of Agriculture has labeled spotted lanternflies as a dangerous invasive species and any sightings should be reported online or via phone at 1-888-4BADFLY. Continue reading

Dominion receives Nature-Cide® Certification

nature-cide certified partner logoDominion recently received it’s Certified Partner status from Nature-Cide® after using their products as a part of it’s Green program for four years.  Dominion’s president, Gregory Pettis states, “We are very proud to be associated with this all natural product line, and have found it to be very effective in our programs.” Since offering Green programs in 2015, Dominion’s customers have enjoyed the option to have all natural products and Green pest solutions for many pests that are controlled on a daily basis.  For more information on Dominion’s Green Program, click here: Dominion offers Green!  To schedule your Green Pest Control Program, call us today: 717-393-7879.

Lancaster Sunday News Features Dominion’s Termite Treatment

Gil Smart, LancasteChristopher Komarow - termite technicianr Sunday News writer featured Dominion Pest Control in his story, Early Birds (and bugs). Included in the story is pictures of termite swarmers and an actual termite treatment being performed by senior technician, Christopher Komarow. If you currently have termites in your home or business, print out the coupon from Clipper Magazine and call us: 717-393-7879