a large number of stink bugs walking towards you

The Stinkers are Back!

With autumn weather comes cooler temperatures, which stimulates insects with the “overwintering” instinct—including stink bugs! Looking for sites to spend the winter, stink bugs detect warm exhaust air from a home and begin to cluster around these areas. Then, if access is possible, stink bugs will press in and look for hibernation locations. This could include eaves, louvers, chimneys, exhausting fans, ridge vents, and vent pipes.

Once inside these locations, the stinkers follow the heat path back to its source—which usually ends up somewhere in the living areas, presenting some very uncomfortable situations including “dive bombing” residents, flying into lights, and of course squirting their infamous stink spray, smelling up the place and leaving reddish-brown stains on walls, drapes, and floors.

Dominion has become the area’s answer for homes and businesses, being called by WGAL ‘Stink Bug Experts’ (WGAL, Feb 2011). Owner Greg Pettis describes, “We were the only company willing to go after the stinkers back then.” Since, Dominion has been featured in Lancaster Newspapers, Fox 43, CBS 21, and York Daily Record displaying how we get rid of them. For valuable information on stink bugs and how we control them, watch our Stink Bug FAQ video (above). To have your home or business treated, call us today: 717-393-7879.