Specialized Lawn Care In Lancaster PA

If you are looking for lawn care in Lancaster PA, Dominion Pest Control now offers lawn care! It did not take long after announcing that we brought on lawn care expert Neil Brenneman, for local businesses and residences to request Neil to visit their properties and inquire what would be the best program for their lawn. Dominion brought on Neil in 2011, as more and more of our pest control customers began requesting lawn care and insect control for their lawns. Call us today if this sounds like you: 717-393-7879.

Neil has more than 20 years in lawn care experience and pest control consultation. Dominion owner Gregory Pettis quips, “One of the biggest problems we had, was when Neil went out on a pest control call…they found out who he was, and wanted advice. So we said, ‘Let’s let Neil do what he’s an expert at…'”, thus Dominion opened the doors to their current clientele for lawn care in Lancaster. “It didn’t take long,” Pettis continues, “a local college signed up even before we were ready to implement the program.”

Pettis says the lawn care program in Lancaster was a natural progression for the local pest control company, founded in 2006. “We grew like crazy…as more and more folks found out that we had an average of 15 years experience per technician, they referred their neighbors, coworkers, friends and family. We are so grateful that we have the veteran crew that we do, and the awesome customers who keep talking about us. Then, when we asked Neil to come and use his pest control experience, it was like, ‘okay, so when is Neil going to service our lawns?'”

Dominion’s Lancaster lawn care team has another technician with almost a decade of lawn care experience. “It snowballed on us again”, Pettis adds, “Another tech with loads of experience stepped up and said, ‘I want in on it’. I didn’t even know about his lawn care experience, just about his longevity in pest control.”

In the state of Pennsylvania, it is not uncommon for pest control companies to open their doors to lawn care due to the simple fact that once you have your PA applicators license and have a track record, local residences understand that you expand your treating into other categories such as lawn care. “For now, I think we are going to stick with pest control and lawn care in Lancaster…with our lawn care to include fertilization, weed and insect control.”

Some of Dominion’s accomplishments include participating in WGAL’s Local Pros Who Know program–2006, Dominators Reality Show–2008 (stories by Lancaster Newspapers and York Daily Record), and various stink bug and bed bug stories by CBS 21, WGAL 8, YDR, and Lancaster Newspapers–2009-2011 (stories and video on homepage). Pettis, a local Lancastrian says that he is honored to have such an elite team. “I realize that our growth and success has come from local talent. We take folks who are good at what they do, and empower them.”

Now that word is out about their local lawn care program, Dominion is looking forward to not only taking care of the hundreds of lawns currently under their care, but establishing relationships with new customers as well.

About Neil Brenneman: For 20 years Neil has been servicing local commercial and resident accounts for lawn care services. He studied Agronomy at Penn State and has served as Assistant Manager at a Landscaping supply house, giving advise and expert instruction to Lancaster’s lawn care companies, in addition to servicing his own clients in Lancaster and York PA.

To view a selection of Dominion’s Lawn Care services, please click on the link here: Lawn Care Programs and Descriptions

Some free advice is below from Penn State about seeding your lawn. If you would like more advise, contact Neil today: 717-393-7879.