Yellowjackets & Other Stinging Insects

Yellowjackets can make a nest in the ground or inside structures such as walls in a home or business.  If you have this situation, do not spray!  If you do, you risk pushing them inside where they will not be able to get out.  Wasps can make nests behind shutters, up in corners of eaves, inside lamp posts, etc.  And of course, you have your Hornets that make potentially basketball size nests anywhere.

All of these stinging insects can be controlled by Dominion Pest Control.  For some, it might be recommended to have a regular quarterly powerspray on the perimeter.  In any event,  control for pests is fairly simple.  Depending on the situation, we may use a dust, or a non-repellent transferable product whereby the insects transfer the product one-to-another.