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Dominion Pest Control specializes in termite, insect, and rodent control in Lancaster & York, PA & pest control products online.


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Stink Bug Control Package

Everything you need to kill Stink Bugs, and prevent them from entering!

Package includes:

Demand CS (8 0z.)

Dura-sprayer (1-gallon)

Delta Dust (1-pound)

Centrobulb Duster (4 oz.)

Demand CS concentrate yields over 50 gallons and may be mixed in Dura-sprayer and used inside and outside to stop bugs before they enter, or keep them dying if they do.

Delta Dust may be used in the 4 oz. Centrobulb Duster in wall voids if bugs have already entered and nesting in walls.

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Roach Control Package

All you need to kill roaches in one complete package!

Roach Control Package includes:

Demand CS  Insecticide (8 0z.)

Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator (110 ml.)

Advion® Cockroach Gel Bait (4 X 30 grams)

Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations (Bag of 72 stations)

You may want to purchase a Dura-Sprayer additionally for insect concentrates in package.

Not for sale in NY or CT.

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Demand CS Insecticide has virtually no odor, and uses Micro-Cap technology formulation for ultimate endurance. Lasts for months even in damp conditions. Can be used inside & outside. Comes in an easy to use squeeze-n-measure bottle. Eight once bottle yields up to approximately 20 gallons! Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator breaks up the life-cycle of German, Asian, and Brown Banded Cockroaches, preventing them from becoming adult roaches. Since only adult roaches may reproduce, this IGR stops the next generation of roaches. This is a great tool since a female roach only needs to be impregnated one time, and then produces dozens of baby roaches in each egg sack that she drops. Advion® Cockroach Gel Bait works on German roaches, American roaches, smoky-brown roaches, brown roaches, Asian roaches, Oriental roaches, and brown-banded roaches. Roaches love it! Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations are formulated to last and is a great maintenance tool. Feeding adults will pass active ingredient, Fipronil, to babies and egg sacks, providing secondary kill.

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