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Termite Control Lancaster PA

If you have termite damage or flying swarmers and need termite control in Lancaster PA, Dominion pest control offers extermination for termites in entire counties Lancaster and York PA.

Termite Control Lancaster PA

Termite Control Lancaster PA

Dominion Pest Control brings almost 45 years of combined termite experience to your home or business.  In addition to providing great service, we bring honesty.  Some national companies will tell you just about every bug you have is a termite; Dominion will tell you the truth and offer a solution that is affordable.

Our experienced termite technicians have treated hundreds of homes in Lancaster PA and are familiar with all wood destroying insects such as Carpenter Ants, Old House Borers, Powder Post Beetles, and of course termites in Lancaster.  For fast, reliable service from Lancaster’s local termite control company, call Dominion Pest Control today: 717-393-7879.

One of the main ways to tell that you have termite damage is by finding termite tunnels or “shelter tubes” on the sides of wood joists or foundation walls.  If you are on a slab, the termites can come right up into your baseboards or cabinets.  With basements, you may find mud tunnels going up a wall or you may see termite damaged wood.  It is best to call a professional termite control company such as Dominon Pest Control since termites do quite a bit of damage.  Most homeowners do not know that they have termite damage until they see termite swarmers on the inside.  Sometimes they are confused with ant swarmers, and they are dismissed since most ants species are not destructive except for Carpenter Ants.

However, termites in Lancaster PA live under the ground and tunnel up into the foundation walls, then infest the home’s wood such as joists, baseboards or some other wood fiber such as paneling.   Once again, the best thing to do if you live in Lancaster or York PA is to call us and have a professional termite technician look and assess the damage and submit a treatment plan that will kill termites in and eliminate the entire colony using products that work like a virus.  To view an actual termite treatment performed in Lancaster PA, click on the video below.