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Stink Bug Control?

Can you provide stink bug control? The answer is yes! Stink bugs can be controlled by using perimeter spraying. The key to stink bug control is preventionstink bug control.

The stink bugs were accidentally introduced to Allentown, PA.  From there, they spread to many states, including NJ, MD, VA, and even as far as FL.  People want to know if they are going to go away.  That answer is no!  And stink bug control is something that everyone is giong to need eventually if you live near crops of any kind.  Think this is extreme?  Since they arrived in 1998, they have spread like wildfire.  In 2010, they ate 30% of the crops in PA according the PA Dept. of Ag.  They are just getting started.

So let’s talk about stink bug control.  If the stinkers are already in your home, you will need to have professional pest control products used, such as found in the stink bug control package.  If you live in Lancaster or York PA, you may call Dominion Pest Control directly to have them service your home.

To see an actual treatment of stink bug control, watch the video below.

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Do You have more Pest Control Information?

Q. Do you have more pest control information?

A. Yes, we have many articles for informational purposes here: http://www.dominionpestcontrol.com/pest-control-articles/

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Pest Control Products & Supplies Store

Q.  Why is Dominion Pest Control offering a store that sells pest control products and supplies online?

A.  We made the decision to offer insecticide, pest control products and supplies to individuals who wanted to have the same pest products and do-it-themselves.  Since we have a limited servicing area, we are making our pest control materials available e online here: pest control products

At this location, you will be able to control the following (but not limited to ) pests:

ants, bedbugs (bed bugs), beetles, Boxelder beetles, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, centipedes, cigarette beetles, clover mites, cockroaches (roaches), confused flour beetles, crickets, earwigs (pincher bugs), firebrats, fleas, flies, lesser grain borers, millipedes, mosquitos, red flour beetles, rice weevils, saw-toothed grain beetles, silverfish, sow bugs, pillbugs, scorpions, spiders, spider mites, and ticks. Also controls armyworms, azalea caterpillars, aphids, bagworms, black vine weevils, budworms, California oakworms, cankerworms, cutworms, eastern tent caterpillars, elm leaf beetles, European sawflies, fall webworms, flea beetles, forest tent caterpillars, gypsy moth larvae, Japanese beetles, June beetles, lace bugs, leaf-feeding caterpillars, leafhoppers, leaf miners, leaf rollers, leaf skeletonizers, midges, oleander moth larvae, pine sawflies, pine shoot beetles, pinetip moths, plant bugs, root weevils, scale insects, spittlebugs, striped beetles, striped oadworms, thirps, tip moths, tussock moth larvae, wasps, broadmites, brown soft scales, California redscales, clover mites, mealybugs, pineneedlescales, whiteflies, imported fire ants, cutworms, grasshoppers, sod webworms, Lyme disease transmitting ticks, bluegrass billbugs, grubs, hyperodes weevils, mole crickets, chinch bugs

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How do I kill Roaches?

Q. How do I kill Roaches?

A. If you live in Lancaster or York PA, you will usually see one of about four species of roaches.  We normally deal with American cockroaches, German Roaches, Brown Banded Roaches, and Oriental Roaches.  Sometimes, we will even see a Wood Roach (Pennsylvania Wood Roach).  To control them, it is important to use IGR’s.  This stands for Insect Growth Regulator.  By prohibitting roaches from multiplying, we use IGR’s, and stop the next generation.  It is very difficult to stop them without using growth regulators.  If you live in York or Lancaster PA, and need roach control, give us a call.  To view a roach video and learn more, go to: http://www.dominionpestcontrol.com/category/pest-information/

For those you live outside of our servicing area, you may go to our products pages and purchase professional strength pest control products :  pest control products

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How do I kill Cicada Killers?

Q. How do I kill Cicada Killers?

A. You can try to tackle these guys yourself, but be careful.  We use a dust or powder if you prefer, that goes down into their burrows and catches them going in and out.  They will set up shop in your lawn, and seem to prefer the sides of a hill the most.  In the late summer in York and Lancaster PA, they will emerge and hunt Cicadas, or locusts as we commonly call them here.  If you would like products to control for Cicada Killers, visit our pest control products page and goto to: http://www.dominionpestcontrol.com/category/pest-information/ for more information.

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Why Do I have Stink Bugs?

Q. Why Do I have Stink Bugs?

A.  If you are seeing Stink Bugs, it is probably because there is a fruit tree or tomatoe plants nearby.  That is what they live on.  But more specifically, they are landing on your house so that they can sunbathe.  They need the warmth in the worst way, and will do anything they can to get it.  We have now been seeing Stink Bugs congregating around the back of big screen televisions just to get warm!  If you feel that you need a treatment for Stink Bugs and you live in York or Lancaster PA, give us a call.  If you live outside of our servicing area, you may order our Stink Bug Control Package here: http://www.dominionpestcontrol.com/products/pest-packages/stink-bug-control-package4/ or you may go our pest control products page.

If you live in Lancaster or York PA and would like Dominion to treat your Stink Bug infestation, call us now: 717-393-7879.

Termites York PA

Q. What if I get termites, and I live in York, PA–will Dominion still treat my home?

A. Yes–Dominion Pest Control will treat your home no matter where you live in York PA.  We treat the entire county of York.  If you would like to view video of a termite treatment and learn more, go to our pest information page: http://www.dominionpestcontrol.com/category/pest-information/

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Does Dominion Provide Pest Control in York PA?

Q. Does Dominion Provide Pest Control in York PA?

A. Dominion Pest Control services all of York County PA with pest control and exterminating. Some of the towns we service regularly in York PA include Dover, Manchester, Spring Grove, York City, Etters, Felton, Delta, York Haven, Mount Wolf, Wrightsville, Hellam, Dallastown, Red Lion and many more. Call our toll free number 1-800-490-6979 to arrange your extermination in York PA.

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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Q.  How do I get rid of Carpenter Ants?

A.  First, you must determine where the colony is hiding. It may be far away from the sightings and you may never find them without help. A good idea is to look outside during the late afternoon on the perimeter of your home for “ant trails”. If you find them going up the side of your home, follow them. Especially if they are carrying something like a dead insect-they are always going back to the nest with it and will lead you to some idea as to where it may be. It could be in the attic, or one of your eaves, a basement sill area, or simply between your walls. If you can find the nest and want to treat it yourself, using a powder or “dust” is one way to kill the colony by using a bulb-duster and pumping the powder into the hole on the outside where they disappear into. Sometimes though, this can make matters worse, you may end chasing them deeper into your house and then they manifest in areas you were not seeing them in before. Using a general spray insecticide can hold them off on the inside, but could end up causing the situation to become more severe with their speading-out in areas where they are not visible.

To view video and read more go to our pest information page and scroll down to Carpenter Ants: http://www.dominionpestcontrol.com/category/pest-information/ or you may purchase pest control products from our store.

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How to kill Termites

Q. How do I kill termites?

A.  If you need a termite treatment, you may not want to wait too long before calling us—termites do quite a bit damage quickly. This is your home we are talking about, one of your greatest investments literally being eaten!

In Lancaster and York, PA, it is important to use a non-repellent insecticide on termites so they do not move down the road to the neighbors, but instead, die right where they are. Using technology that allows the termites to transfer the product one to another, we can shut down a termite colony with one-million members within three months! Not only will Dominion Pest Control kill the current termites attacking your home, our treatment will kill any other termite colony that comes in contact with the treatment for over one decade! Now that’s taking control!

To view a termite treatment click here: http://www.dominionpestcontrol.com/category/pest-information/

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