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Flying Ants Lancaster PA

If you have flying ants in Lancaster PA, it’s time to call Dominion Pest Control. You want to make sure if it flying ants or termites, because it is difficult to tell the difference. In the video below produced by WGAL, Dominion Pest Control owner Greg Pettis describes the difference between ants and termites.

Although certain ants in Lancaster, PA can cause damage to your home, not all will. There are Odorous House Ants, which are now the most common ant seen in Lancaster. They get there name “Odorous” from a coconut smell they emit when crushed. Not everyone describes the smell this way, nevertheless the title. One thing to say about OHA is that they are very difficult for the average homeowner to get rid of. The reason for this is due to an instinct the ants have called “Fracturing”, or “Budding” as ant control companies call them. When a certain number of ants do not return to the colony due to over-the-counter sprays, the colony will panic and split. Now you have two colonies coming at you. New customers who call Dominion Pest Control for flying ants in Lancaster or OHA often describe this situation. “The more we spray, the worse they get!” is commonly heard when we arrive on the scene. It is best to allow us to use non-repellents that act like a virus to the ant colony, not just killing the ants that are showing up, but killing the the entire ant colony.

Other ants in Lancaster include Carpenter Ants. Now these guys are destructive. Carpenter Ants are true to their name, they actually bore the wood in your home or business. If left unchecked, these ants in Lancaster will do almost as much damage as termites if given enough time. There was a home in Manor Township where the second story fell in; the resident never called an ant control company after ten years of seeing Carpenter Ants. This is an extreme example, but it does happen.

The Pavement Ant was the predominant ant in Lancaster until the late 90′s, when the Odorous House Ant took over. Pavement Ants are the ones we grew up with here in Lancaster County. They are the ones we saw pushing up dirt in the yard, the sides of our driveways, and the ones coming in on the kitchen counter. You remember, your grandma would put out red metal can-looking bait stations for them. And they worked. However, these baits do not work for the other ants previously mentioned.

If you want to have your ant situation resolved, give Dominion Pest Control LLC a call. Dominion is a local ant control and full service pest control company that has an average of 15 years experience per technician. You won’t find this anywhere else. Feel free to give us a call on our local pest control number: 717-393-7879.

CBS21 TV Bed Bug Interview

Jenni Joyce

Jenni Joyce

Jenni Joyce from CBS21 interviewed Dominion’s Christopher Komarow (correct spelling) in an exclusive Bed Bug story. Below is the transcript from CBS21.

Bed bug infestations up 500 percent in Lancaster County

“Bed bugs are taking over several major cities and now they’ve made their way to Lancaster County. Lancaster city’s health officer said she got a couple more cases Thursday. Looking at the big picture, though, the city was free of bed bugs in 2007. Now, they’re continuing to multiply. Two dead bed bugs were dropped off to Dominion Pest Control on Thursday, by homeowners extremely concerned about their discovery. However, these pests are nothing new for senior technician Christopher Kamarow. “It seems like as soon as I finish up with one job another one comes in,” said Kamarow. Lancaster County has become an increasingly popular destination for the insects during the last three years. Kamarow said their presence has increased by 500 percent, and people in the area are at a real disadvantage when it comes to stopping the trend.

Christopher KomarowKomarow

“Most people are simply not aware of the fact that bed bugs are a real insect and how they tend to hitch rides from one place to another on us and our belongings … from hotel stays to international transit or even just public transit, intermingling luggage with other people,” said Kamarow. Lancaster city’s health officer admits there’s a growing problem in city homes. Kamarow said the bugs can crawl their way from one rowhome to the next. Bed bugs like to travel. They’re not picky about their food source or their destination. “Rich, poor, clean or dirty, everyone is susceptible to bed bug infestation,” said Kamarow. Kamarow also said a watchful eye is the best line of defense. “You’ve got to be careful and conscious of your surroundings. And after a while, every dot or speck will be a bed bug.”

To see an interview with Chris and Dominion’s owner, Gregory Pettis, click on the Bed Bug Information Video.

Pest Control

pest controlIf you are looking for pest control, and you live in Lancaster or York PA, look no further.  Dominion Pest Control brings more than 70 years of local pest control, exterminating Termites, Stink Bugs, Spiders, Mice, Bed Bugs, Centipedes, and many other pests needing controlled.

Dominion Pest Control started with the belief that if it crawls, it can be controlled, according to the book of Genesis.  With this mind, we are not afraid to control Stink Bugs as the other pest control companies continue to say that there is nothing that can be done to control this pest.

Along with their great service, Dominion brings a commitment to pest control that goes beyond the “spray here, spray there” mindset.  Our technicians are trained to look for the problem, and prevent it.  Owner Gregory Pettis says, “When folks get on a maintenance plan with us, their pest control problem becomes our problem”, referring to their commitment to solving issues in a timely, professional manner.  “What people want is a partner in solving their pest control issue, not a dictating company that only cares when you try to cancel your service”, he emphatically states.  Greg started Dominion Pest Control after many years in the industry.  He currently brings almost two decades of pest control experience to “Dominion’s Pest Control Dream Team” of seasoned technicians with an average of fifteen years experience.

Recently, the media caught on to Dominion’s status as the premier local pest control company, rewarding them with headline stories in local newspapers and TV.  After releasing the area’s first pest control reality show, Dominators, Dominion’s presence began to dominate the local pest control market.  “It really was a lot of fun,” says Pettis, referring to the pest control reality show.  “We never knew what was going happen in each episode…it was like walking into the unknown, even though we knew pest control, we never had cameras following us before.”  Lancaster Newspapers and York Daily Record gave the reality show a boost, and Dominion technicians became recognized in the area as the industry standards. Click below to see video filmed by York Daily Record of the Dominators.

Within the last few years, Dominion’s pest control services took on a whole new role, being one of the only pest control companies to attack Stink Bugs.  While most of the national pest control companies were stating that nothing could be done for the stinkers, Dominion began to work on a strategy that would control them year in and year out.  Admitting that Stink Bugs are not easy, Dominion’s pest control technicians went on the offensive.  “It was like, it’s gonna be the stink bugs, or it’s gonna be us,” Pettis chimes, making reference to his decision to control these pests.  While other pest control companies continued to proclaim their decision not to treat Stink Bugs, Dominion researched and found ways to control them in homes and businesses. The video below is an exert of Dominion’s senior pest control technician experience with a severe issue of Stink Bug infestation.

For more information on local pest control in Lancaster or York PA, visit Dominion Pest Control’s main page.  For more information, you may read the pest control blog.  See what all the buzz is about!

Another pest control item that Dominion has become recognized for is their termite control program.  After bringing on an experienced termite technician, the company saw a huge response to their program.  “After Chris Komarow came on, we went bonkers in our termite program,” says Pettis.  Chris is recognized as one of Pennsylvania’s most aggressive termite pest control technicians and has quite a following online.

Another pest control personell that Dominion brought on was Jan Strasbaugh, a female technician.  Jan is well known in the industry for her well-rounded pest control experience and willingness to get dirty by going into crawl spaces, attics, and other undesirable places that is required in the discipline. To see Jan in action, click below to watch.

For more information about pest control, go to our pest control article page.

Roaches Lancaster PA

If you have roaches in Lancaster PA, or York PA, Dominion Pest Control controls roaches in both counties. Roaches are not beneficial insects. What that means is that they do not help us in anyway. In fact, they actually hurt us. I know, you are probably saying, “What does he mean by that?” Roaches are the number one cause of asthma in children. And the gross thing, it is roach fecal particles in the air that do it. Secondly, roaches contaminate food sources.

Tons, yes hundreds of tons of food gets thrown out every year due to roaches contaminating food that humans eat.

The main problem with roaches is, in some species, the females only have to be impregnated one time, and then can release egg sacks at willfull of baby roaches. This means that you can have a roach baby machine in Lancaster PA under the refrigerator and not even know it. The way we combat this problem with pest control products is something called an Insect Growth Regulators. An IGR stops roach populations by telling baby roaches that they are already an adult roach, tricking them. So they do not turn into adult roaches, the only roaches that can reproduce.

In essence, when you kill one roach, you are taking out an army, a future roach army if you will. We know that it is impossible to extinct roaches, but it is important to get everyone that you see
running around.

If you think you are going to control roaches with a can of spray in Lancaster PA, think again. You may be in for the battle of your life. There are many species of roaches, but only a handful that actually invade structures. In this article, I would like to cover German roaches, the predominate roaches in apartments, trailers, homes, and warehouses.

Now nobody likes roaches of course, and since they are not a beneficial insect, everybody likes to blame someone else for having them. As an example, the German roach is not the German roach in Germany. No, it is the French Roach (how convenient). But you see, there is good logic behind it. The German roach has to come from someone else if you have them. It does not, can not, live apart from humans. So much for “they were here for millions of years before us”). Nope, the species has not been found apart from us. And the only way you can get a good infestation of these roaches is to have someone bring them in (including yourself).

Now you can get them by being near another residence that has them so bad they are spreading to you. I see this all the time too. But my point here is that no one will lay claim to them. Okay, by now you are asking, “okay, but how do you kill German roaches?”.

IGRs are a great way to help stop them. This stands for Insect Growth Regulator. By stopping the roaches from turning into adults, we can stop them from having more baby roaches. But this will not kill the German roaches that are already adults. So you are going to need one of the insecticide concentrates. Make sure that you mix it well in your sprayer. Note: you can mix an IGR with an insecticide concentrate in your sprayer.

However, you do not want to spray over your food stuffs, or your stove, or in your cabinets (unless the labels allow you after you have removed your items). With this in mind, you are going to want an insect bait. There are insect gel baits, and insect bait stations. Both are a good idea for the roach who wants to come out at night and have a snack. Using insecticide concentrations, Insect Growth Regulators, and insect baits, you can systematically kill roaches easily.  Dominion Pest Control has a very successful program for roach control.  The video below displays a serious roach infestation in Lancaster that was filmed by the Dominators reality show crew.

Roach Preparation sheet

1. Please make sure in the kitchen area that cabinets & drawers are cleaned out. Also the counter tops need to be cleared off. The items can be put on the table or in boxes and covered. Do not put boxes in front of the cabinets. After the treatment do not wash out the cabinets & drawers
do that before we come. We treat the crack & crevices.

2. Please make sure we have at least 2 feet of access to all wall areas. If the items are not
movable we will try to work around them the best we can.

3. In the bathroom area put the soap & toothbrushes in Ziploc bags and seal them. If there is a
closet or vanity take the items out and put in the tub. They can be put back when you return.

4. If there is a fish tank please shut off filters & air pumps and make sure it is covered with a wet
towel. If you have other pets they would need to be out with the initial service for 2 to 3 hrs.
On the monthly services the pets do not need to be out .

5. If roaches are being seen in the bedrooms the dresser drawers need to be cleaned out. The items
can be put on the bed and covered.

6. If anyone is pregnant-they need to check with their doctor and be out of the house for 4 to 6
hours after we have treated. The rest of the family needs to be out 2 or 3 hours. On the
monthly services you would not need to be out. The pregnant person would still have to be out
Any infants that are under 6 months would need to be out for 2 to 3 hours with each service.

Stink Bug Treatment Coupon

After Dominion Pest Control

If you are looking for a way to save money and get rid of stink bugs in Lancaster or York PA, we have our download-able stink bug coupon flyer here: Stink Bug Coupon (PDF).

The coupon gives anyone who lives in Lancaster or York PA the ability to receive $25 off their initial stink bug treatment!

Feel free to pass on to anyone you know in Lancaster or York PA who is having a problem with stink bugs!

No other company is as aggressive about stink bug control as Dominion.  With an average technician experience of 15 years, you are guaranteed to get a skilled pest control operator who has the experience you need to to get rid of stink bugs in your home or business.

Termites Pictures Lancaster York PA

If you are looking for termites pictures or pictures of termites and you live in Lancaster or York PA, we offer video of termites on our reality show, Dominators (www.Dominators.TV).

You may watch an entire termite treatment from start to finish by Dominion’s termite pest control technician who digs, drills, and pumps termiticide into the to ground around a home in PA and how to kill termites. You will see what termites look like, both fying termites (swarmers) and worker termites.

Dominion Pest Control is one of those locally owned pest control companies in Lancaster PA that has quite an impressive resume. In 2006, they were asked to participate in WGAL’s Local Pro’s Who Know program. They have been featured on Lancaster Newspapers and York Daily Record’s front page for stink bug articles. Then in 2009, they made history with their pest control reality show, being the 1st local pest control company to allow cameras to follow them into the uncomfortable situations they get into dealing with pests, and the hard work it takes to get control for Lancaster area residents. Lancaster Newspapers awarded them with a two-page story, and York Daily Record asked to film even more footage for their web sites. Additionally, Dominion is an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau, members since 2006.

Pest Control Lancaster PA

Pest Control Lancaster PA

Click image for $25 Off Intial Service Coupon!

If you need pest control in Lancaster PA, you have come to the right place.  Dominion Pest Control services the entire county of Lancaster, PA, bringing more than 45 years of pest control experience to your home and business.  Our technicians have an average of 15 years of experience!  Try finding that with a national pest control company in Lancaster!

Dominion Pest Control has quite a resume, being recognized as a local pest control company in Lancaster PA that is not afraid to take on even the toughest pests like termites, stink bugs, bed bugs, ants, boxelder beetles and more.  Some of the national pest control companies won’t even touch some these pests!  In fact, in 2007, Dominion Pest Control was asked to participate in WGAL’s Local Pros Who Know Program, producing two videos for the program.  In 2009, Lancaster Newspapers and York Daily Record featured Dominion Pest Control technicians on their front pages for being so aggressive with stink bugs in Lancaster and York, PA.

Also in 2009, Dominion made history with their pest control reality show, Dominators.TV.  The reality show, displays the pest control technicians in unique and sometimes dangerous sitiuations, treating area residents in Lancaster and York.  York Daily Record said of the Dominators, “The think in 3-D”.  Lancaster Newspapers staff writer Mary Beth Schweigert, describes Dominators reality series, in her feature article: Total Domination of Reality TV–  “Each 10- to 30-minute episode plays up the danger and mystery surrounding the often-misunderstood profession, with dramatic theme music, extreme close-ups and ominous narration.”  Since being launched, the episodes have been viewed over 8,000 times online!



Another great move Dominion made was to bring one of the most experienced female technician on to their team recently.  Jan Strausbaugh, brings almost two-decades of Lancaster pest control experience.  To see her talk about coming over to join the team, click on her page here: Jan is pest control Lancaster PA.

So if you are looking for pest control in Lancaster PA, don’t hesitate to contact Dominion Pest Control LLC today.  Always ready to serve, always bringing the most qualified pest control technicians in Lancaster to your door.  It doesn’t matter if it is a termite, stink bug, ant, mice, roach or other pest needing control, we have the most experienced team ready to respond.

BBB pest control Lancaster PA

BBB pest control Lancaster PA

Another reason residents in Lancaster choose Dominion Pest Control is because we have been an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2006.  To view Dominion’s status with the BBB click here: BBB pest control Lancaster PA.  As you probably are aware, the Better Business Bureau has high standards, and very few pest control companies are willing to become members since their inception!  With the number of years that Dominion brings with its experience, we are proud to display our status!

Maria's Blog

Maria's Blog

To see what the ladies of pest control say about Dominion Pest Control, you may visit Maria’s blog, and learn amazing facts that most area pest companies do not offer.  Click here to read her blog about  pest control Lancaster PA . You then may read her other blogs about termites, stink bugs and more pests in Lancaster PA.

If you would like to see video of Lancaster Newspapers story about Dominion Pest Control and stink bugs in Lancaster click on the video below.  Remember, very few national pest control companies in our area are trained and capable of tackling these stinkers, so don’t hesitate to call us for all your pest control needs!   You won’t here us say that we will take care of your spiders, but not your stink bugs!

Solitary Wasps

If you are seeing wasp-like insects hovering over a lawn area, they may be Solitary Wasps.  These wasps are hunters, looking for insect prey.  There are different species of Solitary Wasps, but all of them are hunting other insects.  Some are looking for spiders,  grasshoppers and crickets.  Still others, will hunt ants, flies, bees, butterflies and moths.  Most Solitary Wasps are not harmful to people, and will in fact, fly away to avoid human contact when approached.

When a Solitary Wasp catches it’s prey, it paralyzes it, and carries it back to its nest, which many species will have in ground burrows.  After carrying them into their nest, they lay eggs on them.  The prey will live until the larvae emerge to eat the prey.   Most species never see their parents, since  they move on after giving their offspring all they will need to survive.  If you need pest control products to control Solitary Wasps, visit the store.

Pest Control Products for Spiders

When it comes to pest control products for spiders, we use micro-encapsulated products such as Demand CS.  It has a long-lasting residual and works great.  You may watch Veteran Tech. Chris expain it below from the pest control reality show, Dominators.TV. To purchase Demand CS, go to our insecticide concentrate page here:  Insecticide or pest control products.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants have made a slight stink here in Lancaster & York PA. Known for their coconut smell when crushed, they can be the most menancing ant around. The more you spray pest control products, the worse they can get, unless you use baits. In the video below, veteran technician Christopher Komarow explains reasons why, as he is being filmed by the Dominators crew.