Pest Control 17601

Dominion Pest Control 17601 services the entire county of Lancaster, PA. We are local, and family owned.  Our pest control technicians have an average of 15 years in pesticide applications, and we have no “new hires”. In addition to pest control in 17601, Dominion now offers Lawn Care to residences and commercial properties.

Dominion’s founder, Gregory Pettis, opened the pest control door’s to 17601 in 2006, after serving as senior technician for another locally owned pest control company in Lancaster for more than a decade.  Shortly after, other experienced pest control technicians were attracted to Dominion’s style of professional pest control techniques.  Dominion even has a female technician on staff that is approaching two decades in service to the 17601 servicing area.  We currently employ six pest control technicians that not only service Lancaster County, but York County as well.

Dominion Pest Control has become the local media’s favorite for anwers to local pest control problems.  In fact, WGAL has called Dominion “Stink Bug Experts” after interviewing owner Greg Pettis.  Another item that put Dominion in the media forefront was the coverage we received from the Reality Show, Dominators (online at Dominators.TV).  Filmed on location in local residences, Dominators captured the experience and abilities of Dominion’s senior technician, Christopher Komarow and owner Greg Pettis as they solved major pest issues in Lancaster.

In addition to stink bugs, another item that has become a pest control  issue in 17601 is bed bugs.  “People associate bed bugs with being dirty”, says Dominion owner Greg Pettis. “It has nothing to do with cleanliness”.  CBS interviewed Dominion’s Komarow on bed bugs, as did Lancaster Newspapers.  Komarow’s comments made quote of the week in Sunday News: “No one is immune. It’s not a rich, poor, clean or dirty type of issue.  Listen, you exhale and have warm blood — that’s all it takes.”

Some of the more common pests needing control in Lancaster County in addition to stink bugs and bed bugs are termites, spiders, centipedes, mice, silverfish, ants, roaches boxelder bugs, and millipedes.  If you need pest control in 17601 (Lancaster), don’t hesitate to give Dominion a call today: 717-393-7879.