Verifi Bed Bug Detector

Introducing the Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector!

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If you are looking for FMC Verifi Bed Bug Detector, you have come to the right place. Dominion Pest Control Products is proud to announce that we carry this awesome new tool in bed bug detection. The Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector brings the latest in bed bug monitoring so landlords, property managers, hotel managers, housing authorities, and pest control professionals can quickly, and most importantly, accurately detect an infestation in any location suspected to have bed bugs! You may call Dominion Pest Control Products at 1-800-490-6979 (Mon-Fri. 8-5 EST) now to reserve your supply of this highly anticipated tool for bed bug detection. Get a jump on your competitors by pre-ordering this amazing device for bed bug detection.

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How Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector Works
The Verifi™ Detector works using a revolutionary new technique in bed bug attracting. This amazing monitoring device uses a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cartridge, which mimics the presence of a bed bug host. Within 24 hours, bed bugs may be caught in the device from using this lure.

Additionally, the Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector uses a liquid Kairomone for host seeking and a liquid Aggregation Pheromone to lure bed bugs when they are not necessarily seeking a host. These two liquids, combined with the CO2 lure, create a unique attractant that gives a burst of detection within the first day, then provides continued monitoring for an additional 90 days!

Advantages of Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector
The Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector is unique in that it provides monitoring for a full 90 days. The lures are completely replaceable, making it affordable to provide ongoing bed bug monitoring for your clients. Bringing a wealth of history in bed bug research, this bed bug detector is clean, easy to use, and much less expensive than BB canines. This monitor is non-messy, compact, and practical. It has been field tested on sofas, baseboards, and beds. The Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector creates a new inexpensive avenue for hotels and rental properties to monitor bed bugs and for pest control companies to increase their profit margin while providing a valid, much needed service. It takes the “Guessing Game” out of bed bug work and eliminates long, exhausting inspections. Simply inspect the monitoring device, and decide if additional treatment is required.

How to Apply the Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector
Carefully remove the seal from the booster pack, then snap the booster shut. Shake the booster for 5 seconds. Then slide the booster pack into the Verifi™ Core. Once you have completed these steps, you may now insert the “Lure” into the device. Pull off the adhesive back on the monitor and place the device in a desired area, preferably near the bed. Then, secure the unit with a Zip Tie. It’s that easy.

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