Pest Control Lititz PA

If you need pest control Lititz PA, it’s time to call Dominion Pest Control Lititz PA! We service not only pest control 17543, but the entire county of Lancaster!

Dominion Pest Control is located just south of Lititz, and now brings over 100 years of combined local servicing experience! We have been featured on WGAL, CBS 21, Lancaster Newspapers, and York Daily Record for our aggressive stink bug and bed bug control programs. To get Dominion Pest Control for your Lititz home call us now: 717-393-7879

Dominion Pest Control Lititz PA services the entire 17543 area many days every month. Since we service all of Lancaster County, we can be at your residence in a jiffy!  We have been members of BBB since 2006, and participated in WGAL’s Local Pros Who Know program.

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One factor that put Dominion out in front for pest control in the Lititz region was the fact that they we went against the grain and announced that we can control stink bugs.  While the national pest control companies in the Lititz PA area were saying that there is nothing that you can do about stink bugs, Dominion Pest Control advertised all the harder with signs and Facebook ads.  Local TV stations and newspapers came to Dominion for information after the story of “There is nothing you can do about stink bugs” began to where out.  In fact, these same media outlets began to feature Dominion for their stink bug control (video taken by media is available on homepage).

Another thing that helped Lititz customers that the Dominion Team did was to hire Jan Strasbaugh, a seasoned pest control technician with now over 20 years experience. Owner Gregory Pettis boasts, “One of the biggest problems we have with Jan is, after our customers meet her on the initial service, she is the only technician that they want”. He adds: “It’s a good thing we have the same problem with other technicians, or I think they would be jealous.” Approaching retirement, no one knows for sure just how long Jan will continue in her career as a technician, but word has it that she might work as a sales girl for the team.

Recently, Dominion expanded it’s services to Lititz by bringing on a lawn care specialist with 20 years experience who provides insect control in lawns. This is a great add-on service to the residents of Manheim Township.